The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 Review 'The Jedi' (Spoilers)

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This week's episode of The Mandalorian is the most important one released to date.

This is because many big reveals happen, and we also get a backstory to Baby Yoda and how he came into the story in the first place.

This week, The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda travel to the planet called Corvus in order to find the former Jedi named Ahsoka Tano. Tano is on Corvus trying to liberate people from an evil dictator known as the 'Magistrate'.

When The Mandalorian enters the planet, he is invited to the Magistrate's base and she tells him to kill off the Jedi known as Ahsoka Tano.

If The Mandalorian is successful in his mission, she will reward him with a Beskar made spear.

This is going to be a hard mission for The Mandalorian because he doesn't really want to kill Ahsoka Tano.

He wants Tano's help because she may know more about Baby Yoda. After all, Bo-Katan told him to meet up with Ahsoka Tano in the first place.

The first meeting between The Mandalorian and Ahsoka Tano doesn't go very well. Ahsoka thinks he's here to kill her, and she attacks him with her dual lightsabers.

The most shocking thing is that his Beskar armor protects him from the lightsabers. There's a reason why Beskar is known to be one of the most strongest elements in the Star Wars universe.

To ease the tension, The Mandalorian stops the fighting and tells Ahsoka Tano that he's been sent by Bo-Katan to meet with her. Luckily The Mandalorian was wearing Beskar armor because Ahsoka Tano could have killed him.

The Mandalorian wants to know more about Baby Yoda and if Ahsoka Tano is willing to train him in the ways for the Force.

Ahsoka Tano reads Baby Yoda's mind, and we finally get to know his real name and past.

The real name of Baby Yoda is 'Grogu' and he's a young Jedi pupil that survived the Order 66 genocide. He rarely uses his Force powers now to hide his identity from the Imperials.

Sadly, he hasn't had much Jedi training in a long time since most of the Jedi were wiped out. Ahsoka Tano isn't willing to train him though because she feels he may fall to the Dark Side.

The Mandalorian bargains with her and says she will train him if he can help her get rid of the Magistrate's rule over Corvus. Ahsoka Tano reluctantly agrees and the two storm the base.

The ending battle is quite cool because it's rare to see a Mandalorian warrior teaming up with a Jedi. After all, the two camps are usually enemies fighting one another.

The Mandalorian kills The Magistrate's right-hand man while Ahsoka Tano successfully beats The Magistrate in battle. The two had an epic Lightsaber vs Beskar spear battle.

Ahsoka Tano wants to know the whereabouts of her boss named Admiral Thrawn. This is a tease that we might see the character appear in the near future!

With the planet now liberated, The Mandalorian hopes Ahsoka Tano can train Grogu. She still says she cannot do that, but she instructs The Mandalorian to take Grogu to the planet called Tython.

In Tython, there is an ancient Jedi Temple where and Grogu can decide his own fate there. Ahsoka Tano and The Mandalorian parts ways which ends this excellent and important episode.

This week's episode makes me believe that Disney might be making more spin-off Star Wars shows.

If they focus on Ahsoka Tano, we may see her finally confronting Admiral Thrawn. If this happens, we may also see the return of Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels!

As for The Mandalorian, it's hard to tell if he will part with Grogu forever.

The fans will miss Grogu a lot if he's not on the show anymore. For now, the two are still together, although Moff Gideon and his cronies are still on searching for the pair!

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