What is Anfisa Up to Now?

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Anfisa Arkhipchenko was the 90 Day Fiance star that everyone loves to hate.

What with her "honesty" about being a gold-digger and her nastiness toward her husband, Jorge, this was definitely one Russian who clearly came to America to achieve one goal, and one goal only: Get rich and do it fast.

Now, it looks like Anfisa might just meet her goal: According to reports, Anfisa and Jorge have gotten back together and even obtained representation at the same talent agency that signed the Kardashians.

But, strangely, Anfisa has recently erased her Instagram. Could it be because a rebranding is in the works?

It's clear that Anfisa was always intent on building her career. She began the first season of 90 Day Fiance with a mission to model.

In the second season that she was featured, Anfisa mostly hung around the house - although, as we later learned from Jorge, she was doing it naked.

By the time of the finale of 90 Day Fiance, it seemed that Jorge and Anfisa were definitely headed for divorce. So why the sudden reunion?

We suspect that that agency that has signed Anfisa and Jorge has advised them that they're better together than alone.

This is a couple that would definitely make better reality stars with a show that depicted the drama of their relationship rather than the lone attempts of Anfisa to capture another sucker who can pay for her plastic surgery addiction.

What's more - it's possible that Anfisa's new representation want her to rebrand her social media presence.

After all, Anfisa's Instagram is littered with her taking pic after pic in tight dresses. Is it possible, she's being told to elevate her likeability factor?

Whatever the truth is, it's clear that we haven't heard the last of Anfisa and Jorge.