Titans Season 1 Episode 3 Review: 'Origins'

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The second episode of Titans' first season left us with a giant cliffhanger as Dawn was left for dead after being thrown off a roof by the Nuclear Family as they abducted Rachel.

While we didn't see any of Kory, aka Starfire, at all last week, we see a lot of her in the third episode titled 'Origins.'

The episode starts with us finding out that Kory had been tracking Rachel for awhile. She went to the crime scene at her house for information, where she is stopped by cops that she has to beat up to escape.

We then see that she followed them to DC and knew that the Nuclear Family had captured her, which leads to her coming across them at a random gas station.

While Rachel is trying to escape from a bathroom, Kory torches the dad and gets Rachel to go with her.

Later in the episode the Nuclear Family is spared by whoever is controlling them and they are told they will get a replacement father moving forward.

It turns out that she still has amnesia and hoped that finding Rachel would trigger something, as she had the picture of her from the premiere in Austria.

Rachel didn't know who she was and Kory didn't have any memories triggered, but they continued on anyways.

Kory really shines this episode, as she not only really is very intriguing story wise, but also has a nice moment in a diner where she takes down a guy who was being a jerk to the waitress.

They end up going to a convent that Kory found on a picture in Rachel's house of her there as a baby.

Surprisingly, when they show up at the convent, the nun there actually recognizes both of them.

It ends up that Kory was there a year before looking for Rachel, who had been taken there by her mother as a baby to hide from someone.

After we learn that Dawn is actually alive from Dick visiting her at the hospital, where Hank is sitting by her bedside, Dick goes off to try and find Rachel. What was neat this episode was that we not only got the origins of Rachel, but also Dick.

There are numerous flashbacks littered throughout the episode of Dick right after his parents were murdered and Bruce Wayne took him in.

We only see Bruce in the shadows, but these were some nice moments that showed how Bruce helped Dick end up burying the pain of his parent's death, which definitely could relate to Rachel.

Kory ends up taking Rachel to a rollerskating rink, as she had a key to a locker there, which then holds a key to a storage locker elsewhere.

While Rachel is playing pinball, she has an interaction with a boy that we know is actually Gar, aka Beast Boy. He isn't in the episode too much here, but we know that will change soon.

Dick is actually tracking Rachel after getting a call from his superior that told him about how someone ended up taking her from a gas station, where he tracks down the license plate number through what appeared to be his computer that's assumed to be from Batman. His superior also informed him that his partner was murdered, which we saw getting attacked by the Nuclear Family last episode.

The somewhat lack of a reaction from Dick was kind of odd, and it was strange the show killed her off so quickly, but I guess she wasn't meant to be a focus with the different Titans getting away from Detroit so early.

While at the rollerskating rink, Dick comes across Kory and approaches her and tells Rachel they're going, but Rachel says she's not going without Kory.

After Rachel loses it in the parking lot, the three of them head to the convent.

While there, Dick and Rachel have a nice moment in the church, where Dick reveals how he was able to survive after his parents' death, which tied into the flashbacks being shown.

While this is going on, Dick realizes that Kory stole his car and left, with her actually going to a storage locker that matched that key she found. When she gets inside, she realizes this was all her stuff inside it, with walls full of information about Rachel and also some alien language that Kory can read.

Dick tracks her down and starts looking at all the stuff in there as well, figuring out that Kory is amnesiac.

Kory also reveals that it appears that Rachel is the "Destroyer of Worlds" according to the papers posted around the storage unit.

While Kory and Dick are gone, the convent takes Rachel captive and puts her into a room after drugging her with something.

We don't know if this means they are actually evil or just trying to protect her by secluding her due to her powers.

Rachel's inner self starts coming out and the episode eventually ends with her causing some sort of explosion in the room that Kory and Dick see from a distance, which ended the episode.

'Origins' was yet another really good episode of Titans, with the story being moved forward a bit more, including now the four main Titans actually being in the same place for the first time.

I'm really excited to learn more about what is going on with Kory and hopefully how Gar fits into the group soon with them being in the same area now.

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