The 'Running Man Challenge' Creators Visit the Ellen Show

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Today when you hear INOJ's "I Want To Be Your Lady Baby," it means someone nearby is doing "the running man challenge." The challenge has gone viral and the creators earned themselves a chance to visit the Ellen Show to talk about how the dance went viral.

DeGeneres told the audience and viewers that a new dance is going viral and it's not the "Whip/Nae Nae." She rolled some footage of the many different sports teams that have taken on the running man challenge before welcoming the dances creators Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall.

The duo came out performing their signature move before sitting down to chat with DeGeneres about how it all got started.

The guys said that they were sitting in class bored and the song was playing in their head. They started singing and dancing to it and decided to make a video of it. It was all during Ms.

Graham's class who the guys say is actually a great teacher.

They said they were just being silly and having fun and their classmates just sat there and watched them.

DeGeneres says the guys sent the video to her and asked her to help them get the credit for making it all go viral.

The running man challenge got help from two NCAA mens basketball players from Maryland. Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley were the two players responsible for all of the attention that the running man challenge has been receiving.

The guys were puzzled because they made it and Nickens and Brantley just happened to catch it. The players were also invited on stage to talk about hwo they caught whim of it.

Brantley told DeGeneres Nickens showed him the Instagram post and they decided to make a video to make everyone laugh. They were just trying to keep their locker room loose.

DeGeneres later on invited all of the guys to perform the running man dance.

DeGeneres presented the basketball players with some lucky underwear for the new season, and for Vincent and Hall, well, DeGeneres happens to know that their parents work very hard to provide them with a good education. So, she and Shutterfly gave them $10,000.

Everyone celebrated with the running man challenge after. You can watch all of the running man antics from the Ellen Show in the video below.

Watch Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall Talk "The Running Man Challenge" on the Ellen Show