Marvel Is Fast Tracking Development For A Shang-Chi Movie

Diversity has been a good thing in Hollywood as seen with movies such as Black Panther and even Crazy Rich Asians making a lot of money at the Box Office this year.

Due to movies like this being a huge success in North America and around the world, Marvel is now fast tracking a movie based on the character of Shang-Li.

With Black Panther being the first MCU movie with an African-American in the lead role while Captain Marvel is its first female lead, Shang-Li is set to be the first Marvel film with an Asian superhero as the main character.

Asians have appeared in the MCU movies before like Wong in Doctor Strange, but they've only been bit parts. Asians appeared also in Iron Fist, but that show has now been canceled by Netflix.

Deadline further reports that Chinese-American writer Dave Callaham will be pegged to write the screenplay for Shang-Li. Marvel and Disney are looking at tons of Asian and Asian-American directors to helm a project like this as we speak.

Marvel wants Shang-Li to be as successful as Black Panther was earlier this year.

The cast and many people behind the scenes for Black Panther were black people and the movie was well received by just about everyone who saw the movie.

The new Shang-Li movie will be a modern take on the superhero to avoid including any outdated stereotypes about Asian culture. The character first appeared in 1973.

The movie could also have a huge appeal to China as China has become a really important factor when it comes to the success of modern blockbusters. After all, Venom crossed over $800 million recently mostly thanks to China!

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