Early Cars 3 Rotten Tomatoes Rating Speeds Out

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Disney and Pixar's Cars 3 is out this week and the film has already been reviewed by many critics.

It's safe to say that the movie is an improvement over the second movie, although it doesn't have the same impact as other Pixar movies. Not to mention it sounds like it is not as good as the original movie.

If you go onto Rotten Tomatoes' website, you can see that Cars 3's rating is currently at 69 percent as of time of writing. 20 reviewers seem to like the movie while 9 of them don't like it.

It doesn't sound like a disaster, although the Cars trilogy is not as well loved as Toy Story. Check out the critical consensus below.

Cars 3 has an unexpectedly poignant story to go with its dazzling animation, suggesting Pixar's most middle-of-the-road franchise may have a surprising amount of tread left.

The movie seems to be better than Cars 2 which has a low 39 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. That movie is one of Pixar's first films to ever receive a rotten rating on the site.

The audience score isn't any better with only 50 percent of people liking it. The third movie is on par with the first as the original film received a respectable 74 percent rating.

That being said, it's likely this could be the last Cars movie that Pixar is ever going to make. The franchise doesn't have the same amount of popularity as the likes of Toy Story, Inside Out, Monsters Inc.

and more. It will be interesting to see how Toy Story 4 fares when it comes out since many people thought the third movie ended the franchise on a high note.

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