Jay the Dancing Farmer Visits The Ellen Show

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The Ellen Show welcomed Jay The Dancing Farmer, the viral sensation who filmed himself dancing in his barn to Sia's "Cheap Thrills." Jay shared his story with host Ellen DeGeneres and later on busted some moves for the audience and viewers at home.

Jay is a farmer from New York and DeGeneres wanted to know how the video came about. The farmer said his barn is very cold and he needs to stay warm.

He said when it gets cold and it snows, then freezes, it comes down on and makes a noise that scares all of the animals.

He uses music to try to drown out that noise. Jay says he plays everything from classical to hip-hop.

When asked why Sia, Jay said he loves the song and dances to it whenever it comes on in the car.

Since his video went viral, Jay said he has gotten quite a few marriage proposals from women, however, he said he is on the opposite team so it wouldn't work out.

Jay isn't sure why he hasn't gotten any marriage proposals from men, however, he encourages them to send it.

Meanwhile, Jay said he has really bad back issues after an injury.

He never thought he could dance again but he has been getting great inspiration from others. After the interview, DeGeneres said she wouldn't let Jay come to the show without dancing with tWitch and so, they danced.

You can watch all of the fun from The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Jay the Dancing Farmer Visits The Ellen Show

Jay The Farmer Dances With tWitch on The Ellen Show