Rumor: There Are Reportedly 9 Star Wars Movies In Production

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Disney has already released four new Star Wars movies, but the company is not going to stop there anytime soon. A new rumor suggests that Disney has nine more movies in pre-production based on the Star Wars universe.

This new rumor comes from Yoda voice actor, Tom Kane, who answered a few fan questions at the All-Star Comic Con event. Twitter user @avgions shared the news that he heard at the event.

"Tom Kane seems to be somewhat in the know but very hesitant to share.. claims there are at least 9 Star Wars films in various stages of development, some individual character stories yet to be announced, but definitely not Yoda."

Obviously not all of them have been officially confirmed at the moment, but we do know a lot of them are in the works.

So far in production there's Episode IX, Rian Johnson's trilogy, the Game of Thrones' creators two movies plus standalone films based on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett.

By my count, eight movies are known so far so there's at least one more in production that we don't know about if this report ends up being true.

Hopefully Disney can explore the older timeline when Jedi and Sith were larger in number.

That said, nothing official has been announced by Disney so we will treat this news as a rumor for now.

Still, it sounds like Disney wants to copy Marvel's route by releasing multiple movies per year in order to get as much Box Office money as possible.

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