Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 Review/Recap: "Legion of Superheroes"

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Last December was the mid-season finale for Supergirl and it was bad news for the title character.

This was because Supergirl got knocked out hard by Reign and she is now in a coma trying to recover from her battle scars.

Even though the show is called Supergirl, the main character herself does not do very much in this episode because she is still down from her fight with Reign.

Supergirl instead is in a dream state where she meets a new character by the name of Brainiac 5.

Unlike the first Brainiac, Brainiac 5 is a good person working with Mon El and the Legion of Superheroes. He can multi-task because he can talk to Kara inside her brain while at the same time still contact the real world.

Anyway, Reign is surprisingly not a 100% evil villain. She's more like a lethal anti-hero such as the character of Venom was in the '90s comic books.

She wants justice to be served in any way possible even if it means killing criminals.

However, the Legion of Superheroes and the DEO does not stand for this because people cannot freely go around punishing people on their own in murderous ways.

Reign even goes to CatCo to announce to National City that she is here to cleanse all of the crime in the city. She even goes to the prison to wipe out a lot of its inmates along the way.

With Supergirl currently out of commission, it's up to the DEO to handle Reign. Alex and the rest of the DEO do a valiant effort, but their plan falls short because they were unable to weaken Reign with enough Kryptonite.

The only way that they can weaken Reign enough is to inject Kryptonite into her blood stream. The only person powerful enough to do this though is Supergirl.

While Supergirl tries to get out of the coma, Mon El, his wife Imra and Brainiac 5 go to confront Reign at the prison on their own. Even though they have lots of superpowers, Reign is still too powerful.

The action sequences were pretty cool in this week's episode as it was neat to finally see Mon El and Imra do some type of action. That said, they were not strong enough to incapacitate Reign on their own.

Brainiac 5 goes inside the mind of Supergirl and he says she should accept being Kara or something like that. Once Supergirl accepts Kara, her mind escapes the coma and she is now ready to help her friends.

Reign is caught off guard when Supergirl arrives as she thought she was dead. Supergirl uses her strength in order to inject Kryptonite inside Reign to weaken her.

Reign is still able to fly away, but Supergirl manages to stop her rampage of the city for the time being. However, things won't be easy for the heroes because Reign is not alone...

The episode ended with a hint that a group of villains will now appear in Supergirl for the weeks to come. I guess it will be the Legion of Superheroes vs the Legion of Doom soon.

Anyway, this week's episode was one of the strongest ones of Season 3. There wasn't too many drama scenes and it focused mainly on the main story.

The only funny side story saw Martian Manhunter having to disguise himself as Kara because Lena Luthor wanted to visit her. Martian Manhunter had to try his best to listen to Lena talk about how much she likes Jimmy Olsen.

Lena Luthor and Jimmy Olsen are now officially a proper couple.

Kara and Alex are the main characters in the show without a partner at the moment though. Join us next week as we recap and review each episode of Supergirl.

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