Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 Review/Recap: Gohan vs. Lavender

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The second exhibition match between Universe 7 vs. Universe 9 went underway this week in episode 80 of Dragon Ball Super.

Gohan has to step up to the plate to face off against the wolf-like being called Lavender. This episode also told us more about the high stakes that will be involved in the main Tournament of Power event.

Again, this is another very strong episode without any filler scenes whatsoever. This week's episode of Dragon Ball Super focused solely on the match between Gohan and Lavender and the episode did not disappoint.

At the start of the episode, things seem to be evenly matched between the two warriors.

Gohan cannot sense Lavender's energy so he has to look at his kicks and punches in order to fight. Goku says for Gohan not to hold anything back and strike first before looking at Lavender's movements.

Things start to be going well, until Lavender uses some dirty tricks. Lavender can conjure up some poisonous gas and he sprays it into Gohan's eyes.

Not only does it blind Gohan, but the poison will spread throughout his body. If it spreads out far enough, his entire body will rot.

Obviously, Universe 7 is not happy about the cheap trick and the Supreme Kai offers to help Gohan by giving him a Senzu Bean. Gohan doesn't want any help and wants to finish the fight on his own merits.

He wants to test out his abilities since it's been years since he's participated in a fighting tournament. Goku loves Gohan's competitive spirit

Gohan is getting pummeled by Lavender due to his blindness. That is until Gohan uses his other senses to track Lavender's movements.

Gohan uses his ears to hear where Lavender's feet are on the ground and delivers a big blow. Lavender and his Universe 9 friends cannot believe what they are seeing.

In order to stop Gohan from hearing his movements, Lavender does a smart move by flying up in the air. Lavender then starts shooting out more poison blasts and Gohan cannot seem to handle the barrage.

That is until he turns into a Super Saiyan. The pair of Zeno-Oh love what they see when Gohan transforms.

Lavender is again the underdog and cannot seem to handle Gohan's Super Saiyan form.

Everyone seems to think Gohan is about to win, except for Whis. Whis feels that Super Saiyan form is going to work against Gohan the longer the match goes on.

Just about when Gohan is going to deliver the final blow, he collapses and changes back to his base form. Whis explains that the Super Saiyan form accelerated the spread of poison in his body.

Lavender is getting cocky, although Gohan doesn't want to give up. He turns into a Super Saiyan again and tries to end the fight with a Kamehameha. The poison blast from Lavender though repels his Kamehameha.

At this point of the fight, Gohan's body is turning purple meaning the poison is spreading further. Gohan goes for one last attack and puts Lavender into a full nelson hold. After that, he does a piledriver to Lavender right into the ring.

It appears Gohan wins the match, but he collapses. The match is declared as a draw. Gohan is saved by Goku as the Senzu Bean drains the poison from his body

Again, this was another strong and entertaining fight. I also admired the fact that the match ended in a draw instead of Gohan winning.

It may not have been realistic for Gohan to win since this is pretty much his first fight in many years.

I know he's the son of Goku, but he's only been training recently after leaving martial arts for so long.

The episode ends with The Grand Priest reading some new rules about the Tournament of Power written by the pair of Zeno-Oh.

The Zeno-Oh believe that there are too many universes out there which is why they want to destroy them. This tournament is being held in order for those universes to save themselves

It is also mentioned that Zeno-Oh(s) rank the Universes in terms of "mortal level" in each world. Universe 7 is quite low ranking second to last with a score of 3.18.

Universe 9 is last with a score of 1.86.

Universe 1, 12, 5 and 8 are not going to be erased as their mortal levels are very high. This Tournament of Power is a good way to get rid of the other Universes with low mortal levels.

Whis, Vados and all of the angels will not be affected though. Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction will all be erased if their Universes lose in the tournament. Beerus, Hercule and everyone else is scared about the impending doom!

I still think there is a way that Goku or someone else convinces the pair of Zeno-Oh not to kill all of the other universes.

It would seem selfish of Goku to hold this tournament that results in the death of many people. I guess we won't find out until the end of the saga to know what happens.

Speaking of Goku, the last exhibition match is taking place next week on Dragon Ball Super. Goku has to face the leader of the "Trio de Dangers" and his name is Bergamo. Will Goku get the win for Universe 7?

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