Warner Bros. Pushing For Wonder Woman To Get Some Academy Award Nominations

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It's hard for Summer blockbuster movies to make a stand at the Academy Awards each year. Most of the time, the awards go to smaller unknown films that are usually based on true stories.

Well Warner Bros. is hoping things could change at next year's awards with Wonder Woman.

As reported by Variety, Warner Bros.

is campaigning for Wonder Woman to at least get a best picture nomination at the 2018 Academy Awards. They want it to become the first comic book movie to get a nomination in that elusive category.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight missed out on a "Best Picture" nomination because back then only five movies were chosen. Due to this snub, the Academy now allows to nominate 10 movies in a year.

Whether or not Wonder Woman is able to get a nomination remains to be seen. It's only July and many of the Oscar bait movies have not been released yet.

Warner Bros. is also pushing for Patty Jenkins to get recognized as a "Best Director".

Unlike the movie category, this is a harder category to be nominated since only five directors are allowed to be chosen. I'm hoping the movie gets recognized, but historically comic book movies always get snubbed each year.

Even though Christopher Nolan was snubbed for The Dark Knight, he could be able to get recognized this year thanks to Dunkirk. Dunkirk has been rated really well by top critics and is an early favorite to get nominated for "Best Picture".

It could also help Nolan get his first nomination to be "Best Director". Since the movie is more realistic, it has a better chance of getting recognized over Wonder Woman.

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