'Timeless' Recap: 'Stranded,' Season 1, Episode 7

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Last week, NBC's "Timeless" shattered the team's ability to trust one another when secrets were revealed. Now they'll have to relearn how to trust one another in order to survive in "Stranded," the first season's seventh episode.

When Rufus, Lucy, and Wyatt follow Flynn into 1754, they end up in the midst of hostile territory and inevitably become stuck there when their ship is messed with.

Jiya begins to think that Rufus has a way of speaking to the present when a Rittenhouse agent starts looking into Connor Mason.

The trio is being chased through the forest by the French. They obviously get caught. Lucy insists that they must work together in order to escape. That's going to be a little hard, considering they don't trust each other as far as they could throw one another.

Wyatt comes up with a plan that leads to his release but he also has to kill one of the soldiers. Lucy thinks that Flynn might be targeting a young George Washington but they can't be certain.

They spot some of Flynn's men putting C4 on their time machine. It blasts a hole through the ship. The trio rushes after the men, trying to catch a ride on their ship but they leave without them.

The man Wyatt killed was the Lieutenant's son. Revenge is coming their way. Lucy and Wyatt have been judging each other's motivations, even though they're the same. There's a lot of damage to the ship that Rufus might not be able to fix. Suddenly, he remembers the protocol, which is literally a message in a bottle buried deep into the earth.

Mason gets a call from Rittenhouse about the missing lifeboat. Chris hears the end of the conversation.

Noticing that they're being tracked, Wyatt takes them through a marsh in order to lose them. When they finally climb a shore, they find a very recently dead frenchman. The trio are surrounded by Native Americans.

Mason and crew are digging in the prescribed area. Tied to a pole and waiting for death, the team finally starts sharing bits about themselves. There are apologies and tear worthy stories that reforms the bonds of their trust. The chief arrives. She's none other than Nohe Lema.

Nothing Lucy tries to say convinces her to spare their lives. However, she decides to spare Rufus because she thinks he was forced to be there.

He speaks on Wyatt and Lucy's behalf. It's enough for her to let them live. In the present, the bottle is uncovered but the note has seemingly disappeared over time.

Lucy and Wyatt plan a distraction so that Rufus can grab the supplies them need. Lucy is the only one who seems worried by the fact that she's the only one who can speak French.

Mason and crew are only able to get the words Death, and Millennium out of the note.

Rufus does some really fast, self taught forging. Just as they're getting ready to leave the soldiers looking for them arrive and the team is forced to jump over the wall to escape.

The lifeboat is patched up enough for them to time jump but the navigation is still broken. They still need the help from Mason and Jiya. In the present, Mason tells Jiya the story of how he meet Rufus.

She shares her story as well. Han Solo triggers Jiya into figuring out what the note is trying to say. Which is great timing because the French have found the team and they'll need to jump right away.

The French keep firing at the ship which could potentially destroy the repairs. After a little glitch, they jump. Jiya is able to grab the ship and safely land it inside the facility. Jiya and Rufus meet up in the costume department.

She kisses him. Chris wants to survey Connor to find out what he's up to.

The trio celebrate their safe return with a drink. Lucy admits that she believes her future self does write the journal Flynn is using. Wyatt thinks that she can change that future is if she wants.

"Stranded" was another trust-based episode. The team needed it after the secrets revealed in "Timeless." Hopefully, this doesn't become a recurring trope. Keep watching Mondays at 10pm and check out extra videos here.

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