'Supergirl' Recap:'We Can Be Heroes,' Season 2 Episode 10

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The CW's "Supergirl" brings back a bad guy that proves she's hell bent on stirring up as much trouble as possible.

Good thing, there's more than one hero to stop her in "We Can Be Heroes," the second season's tenth episode.

Livewire has escaped from prison and is wreaking havoc on National City. Supergirl brings along, hero-in-training, Mon-El but he becomes more of a hassle when he decides to put her safety before the citizens'.

James decides it's time to tell Kara who the Guardian really is. M'Gann suffers from a psychic attack.

Supergirl is training Mon-El to be a superhero. With the exception of one cardboard cut out, she thinks he's ready. Guardian got grazed with a bullet which means that Winn has to fix his suit on top of the new one he's making. He begs James to finally tell Kara the truth.

In her cell, M'Gann suffers from a mental attack. She starts to see visions of the war on Mars before collapsing.

Alex can't find anything wrong with her but J'onn knows there's something wrong. Livewire get broken out of jail by a guard and another prisoner.

Mon-El is pumped to take on Livewire but doesn't understand the Alex informs J'onn that M'Gann is probably suffering from a psychic attack and that if he doesn't help her, she'll be dead soon. Kara goes to James to rant about Livewire, who is currently attack the police. He tries to sneak his confession into it but she thinks he's talking about Mon-El. Supergirl orders Mon-El to protect the officers but two enemies proves to be too much.

Luckily, Guardian shows up so that Mon-El can join the fight. Silly newbie, accidentally directs a blast at a civilian. Guardian gets knocked out protecting them. Supergirl removes his mask.

Kara is worried that James will get himself killed if he continues. She even threatens to stop him herself. Alex reminds J'onn about all the help M'Gann gave them at the risk to herself.

Kara confronts Mon-El about his reasons for fighting crime. He avoids the answer so she leaves him behind to go find Livewire. Said villain, is strapped to a chair screaming for help.

Winn finds a video from the jail showing Livewire being beaten by the people who "helped" her escape. Winn lies about knowing where Livewire is. He wants to use it as a chance to show Supergirl that they're heroes.

Mon-El overhears them. J'onn decides to do the mind meld and asks Alex and Kara to stay with him.

In her mind, M'Gann is reliving the moment she betrayed her people in order to save a child. She believes she's stuck in that moment but J'onn reminds her of her time on Earth and forgives her.

The scientist who took Livewire has been harvesting her powers to build super soldiers. Guardian and Mon-El show up and are able to take out the minions but forget about the boss himself. Until he strikes.

James and Mon-El get captured. Winn calls in Supergirl. The scientist has plans to make the into his soldiers.

Supergirl releases Livewire. Which seems to be a mistake when she goes after Supergirl but Kara is able to talk her into helping instead.

All four work together to put down the three electric wannabes. Supergirl lets Livewire escape after she spares the scientist.

J'onn scolds Winn for lying but praises him and James as a team. Supergirl admits that she won't stop them from pursuing fighting crime but as long as they're putting their lives at risk she doesn't support it.

M'Gann reveals that the attack was done by white martians and they're coming for her.

Mon-El tells Kara what he remembers from the moment he kissed her. He confesses his feelings but they both decide to forget that for the moment.

"We Can Be Heroes" was another interesting episode of "Supergirl." Continue watching Mondays at 8pm and rewatch the latest here.

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