Persona 5: The Animation Episode 17 Recap/Review: 'X Day'

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The Phantom Thieves still need to access Futaba's heart and convince her that she is not responsible for the death of her own mother.

This is easier said than done mainly because Futaba has a huge distorted cognition of her own mother and it's a huge flying creature on top of the pyramids!

Again, Persona 5: The Animation takes out all of the dungeon crawling that's prevalent in the video game and the show goes straight to the main boss fight at the end.

I understand the anime isn't allowed to be too long, but it's still disappointing that the exploration parts have all be taken out.

Anyway, Futaba thinks her own mother committed suicide and that she hates her.

However when Futaba is able to enter her own palace, she has an epiphany that her vision of her own mother was distorted by some mysterious men that came to her house.

It appears that the men in suits forged the suicide note to cover up the fact that she was actually murdered.

The real Wakaba Isshiki loved Futaba and did not kill herself. The main reason she was killed is because she was doing heavy research on "Cognitive psience".

With Futaba knowing the truth, the Phantom Thieves are able to defeat the big boss at the end and Futaba returns at full health.

She's no longer the little girl that's hiding out inside of her own bedroom 24/7. She is now a part of the Phantom Thieves.

Thanks to Futaba waking up, she also easily disposes of Medjed who were another hacking group that wanted to expose The Phantom Thieves.

All is right in the world, although they still need to find out who was responsible for the death of Futaba's mother.

Even though it's up to episode 18 of Persona 5: The Animation, I have a bad feeling that the rest of the storylines are either going to get forgotten or rushed really fast.

There's more characters that they have to meet, but I don't think everything can be wrapped up in seven more episodes.

Even though I have been enjoying Persona 5: The Animation so far, I have to admit that it cuts too much story content that was originally featured in the video game.

I advise those who have never played the video game to do so as the TV anime glosses over too many important story parts and characters.

That being said, I have still enjoyed most of the episodes of the anime so far. Not only is the animation great, but it still retains the excellent soundtrack that the video game had.

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