Samurai Jack Season 5 Finale: How Does It End? The Rumors Say...

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This Saturday night is the finale of Samurai Jack -- of both season 5 and of the whole series.

This season was intended to be a cap on the series and explain what happened to Jack and the characters. But we've already seen 9 of the 10 episodes, and nothing seems to be tied up.

Now, there are less than 20 minutes left in the series... So what's going to happen?

Samurai Jack Series Finale

How does the Samurai Jack series end? Well, Adult Swim has kept things very much under wraps, but we have some rumors as to what may happen. And here are the theories:

Theory 1 Jack Doesn't Make It: Given that there is so little time left in the series, it would be hard to imagine that everything gets resolved.

Jack no longer has his sword, and he no longer has Ashi. After killing Aku, Jack would also need to find a portal to return to his time -- and what would happen to Ashi?

Extending the scenario in this case, Jack would die in Ashi's arms and the show would end with Aku solidifying his control over the land.

Theory 2 Jack Kills Aku: The more likely scenario would be that Jack kills Aku, as that's what most fans would want to see.

However, to do that he must be able to take on Aku's minions, so he would need to call up all of the creatures that he has helped in the past.

After defeating Aku, he would need to return to his time, which would likely require separating from Ashi.

As he returns to his time, he is honored by the people but is tormented by having separated from Ashi.

So what's going to happen? We think that Jack will die in this episode.

It would fit well with the dark theme of this season of the series, and would allow all of the open ends to be wrapped up in the 20 minutes available.

Also, if Jack dies, there can be a clean ending to his romance with Ashi, and he could face a fitting samurai demise.

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