'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 10 Recap, The Explosive Finale Tell All

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Tonight is the final episode of The Spouse House. This is the tell all episode, and all of the characters are back, including all of the people who were kicked out of the house. So what happens? Read on...

The Spouse House: Danny and Yesnaya

We first revisit Danny and Naya. There's a lot of sappy BS, and they seem to be doing very well.

The couple claims that they didn't have sex or even kiss before the wedding. Danny says a lot of good things about her son too.

The Spouse House: Brianne, Chris, and Missy

Brianne is back, and she claims she's over Chris.

She tells Chris she's doing great, "in case you're wondering, although I don't think you are." Chris says he's glad that Brianne is happy. All the women from the house jump on Chris for leading Brianne on.

When asked how far the relationship went, Brianne says she saw Chris's you-know-what. Brianne seems like she's gonna break down.

Missy shows up after the break, and she reveals that Chris and she have been living together. (Looks like we were wrong).

There are some fireworks. Missy says that she "brought a lot more to the table" than Bri, and she says she's deeper than Bri.

She goes on to say "you were never part of my equation." And things just get worse from there.

Regarding the vaccinations, our "doctor" friend -- she's a chiropractor -- has decided to bend.

The Spouse House: Tom, and all his women

The famous Tom is up next...and the super successful (not really) "power couple" guy explains his relationships.

Ashley is brought back, and they start going at it. Ashley says that having sex with Tom was what made it difficult for her to let go of him. But Tom disagrees.

The conversation turns to the other women. Ashley K. says that Tom isn't the one for her.

Next, Michelle is brought on. She seems to be forgiving of everything. Tom wants to continue to explore a relationship with Michelle; Michelle says she doesn't know.

In the end, Ashley says they both have great futures -- just not together.

Albert (the guy who proposed Ashley Lauren) is brought out, and she and he decide to go out.

The Spouse House: Darren and Isabella

Darren and Isabella are still together. Isabella says that she's totally in love with Darren, and would have married him. But Darren is a bit more scared.

Both Darren and Isabella think they have a good future together.

The Spouse House: Scott and Tracy

Scott and Tracy return for the final segment. Tracy reveals that she was devastated when Scott didn't ask her to marry him.

Tracy still says that she is in love with him and that every day gets better with him. But Scott says he's not in love with her.

He doesn't even know if he's falling in love with her. But Tracy doesn't seem that too put off by the whole thing.

The Spouse House: Kelli Jo and Jimmy

They're still married, and happy. Nothing to see here, folks.

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