Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Review/Recap: Krillin And Android 18 Team Up

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Dragon Ball Super episode 99 starts off in a pretty bleak manner. All of the fighters have stopped fighting to see the aftermath of Universe 9's erasure.

The pair of Zen-Ohs weren't bluffing as they truly were going to erase multiple universes. The Tournament of Power is the last opportunity to give these universes a chance to survive.

Goku and Vegeta know about Zen-Ohs power as this is the second time they have seen a universe get erased. The first universe they saw get erased was Future Trunks' original timeline.

Zen-Oh had to get rid of it because Zamasu was overtaking it. Again, a lot of stuff happened in this episode with lots of characters, so I'll try my best to cover as much as I can.

Everyone at the Tournament of Power is a bit nervous knowing that the Zen-Ohs weren't lying about it. Vados jokes to Champa saying her goodbyes already. She isn't confident that Universe 6 can win the whole thing.

She tells Champa that his warriors need to try hard to survive.

The Supreme Kai is sweating because he cannot read anyone's energy from Universe 9. They are gone for good and aren't in heaven like when people normally die in the Dragon Ball world.

Frieza on the other hand doesn't like the Zen-Ohs and wishes he can become stronger than them one day.

He wishes that he can somehow rule over them once this is all over. That's wishful thinking, but stranger things have happened before...

Android 18 is nervous too, but Android 17 tries to calm her down.

Since both of them are androids, they have infinite energy so they don't get tired. This is a clear advantage because even Goku and Vegeta have to pace themselves during this tournament.

Goku and Vegeta know the severity of the situation and they start to work together. Botamo and Hit are on the hunt and they won't be holding back. Vegeta starts off trying to punch Botamo in the gut, but his fat belly absorbs all the impact. Vegeta is only in his base Super Saiyan form at the moment.

Vegeta's ties Botamo's hands together and is about to throw him out. However, Magetta comes to the rescue for his team/universe. Now it will be a showdown with Vegeta vs. both Magetta and Botamo in a handicap match.

While this is going on, lots of other fights are happening.

Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi and Tien are still as a group taking on all comers. A birdman creature keeps picking on Krillin but Master Roshi manages to blast him out of the arena.

Vegeta insults Magetta because name calling is one of his "weaknesses" as described by Beerus.

Champa says they prepared for it so insults won't work on him anymore. Magetta and Botamo are a formidable team so Vegeta has his hands full here.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Android 18 is beating the crap out of a dog-like man from Universe 4. She punches him to the ground, and it looks like he might be dead.

As you now, killing is not allowed in the tournament and she could be disqualified. The dog-guy named Shosa was playing possum and attacks her back.

Android 18 is nearly eliminated from the tournament, but to her rescue comes her husband Krillin. Thankfully, this is a team-based tournament so they can work together. It's really cool to see Krillin and Android 18 fighting alongside one another.

We've hardly seen them fight in a team. Krillin and Android 18 now face Shosa and they manage to eliminate him from the tournament using teamwork. Beerus is impressed with the chemistry they have.

There's no time for celebration because another Universe 4 warrior named Majora kicks Krillin and knocks him down. Android 18 now comes to the rescue to help him out this time. Krillin uses Solar Flare times 100 but it doesn't seem to work.

Majora beats down both Krillin and Android 18. Solar Flare didn't work because he's a blind fighter. Let's just say he's similar to Chirrut Imwe from Star Wars: Rogue One.

Android 18 says Majora uses scent as his main advantage for the lack of sight. Krillin is determined to beat him, but it seems as if Krillin is getting cocky. The two start fighting on their own as Android 18 looks on.

Krillin wants to beat this dude by himself. Krillin's special "technique" is throwing his smelly shoe at Majora. Majora is disgusted and Krillin eliminates him with the kamehameha.

Krillin's doesn't learn from his mistake and let's his guard down. Frost attacks him from behind and Krillin is eliminated! The Supreme Kai says to Krillin he tried his best, but Beerus is not pleased by the result.

Universe 7 is now down to only 9 warriors. There are now only 43 minutes left left in the tournament!

Overall, I thought episode 99 was really enjoyable. Since Goku and Vegeta had an episode to themselves last week, it's cool to see Krillin and Android 18 getting the spotlight this week.

It's too bad to see Krillin get eliminated so quickly though. I would have liked to have seen him last a bit longer. Next week it's episode 100 of Dragon Ball Super and it focuses on both Caulifa and Kale.

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