Persona 5: The Animation Episode 10 Recap/Review: 'I Want To See Justice With My Own Eyes'

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Persona 5: The Animation rolls in this week with its tenth episode of the season. It's a bit of a filler episode this week mainly because The Phantom Thieves have yet to choose their next target.

At the start of the episode, the students of Shujin Academy go on a field trip to a TV studio.

I actually like this part of the episode because it features some extended scenes that weren't covered in the actual video game.

That said, most of this week's episode is full of exposition as the characters haven't chosen a target yet. They do get to meet Goro Akechi for the first time who is a junior detective on a talk show.

Akechi is an interesting character as his motivations are kept a secret and his real antics will not be revealed until much later in the series.

He's a character that The Phantom Thieves have to keep an eye on because there's more to him than meets the eye.

His appearance in this week's episode was very brief, although right now he is being friendly towards the members of The Phantom Thieves. Fans of the show are sure to see more of him in upcoming episodes.

One thing that I found quite odd this week was how fast it took for Makoto Niijima to find out the real identities of The Phantom Thieves.

I remember in the video game, her investigation lasted much longer and was more believable.

Here in the anime, she records a conversation where Ryuji, Ann and Ren are talking about being The Phantom Thieves. Their jig is up, although she does not report them to the police.

Makoto wants to know if they truly stand of justice because she wants them to target an evil crime boss by the name of Junya Kaneshiro. If they can prove their worth, she will not pimp on their escapades.

There's not much else I can say about this week's episode because nothing else much happens other than The Phantom Thieves finding Kaneshiro's palace.

His palace is the whole district of Shibuya because he steals money from lots of citizens. Next week might be more interesting as the heroes will have to rob his bank and get past his defenses.

The longer Persona 5: The Animation goes, the more interesting things will happen to first time viewers. It will be worth watching because a lot of unpredictable things will happen as there are many twists and turns to the plot.

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