Why The Rock Didn't Appear At WWE Survivor Series 2021

It has been 25 years since The Rock first debuted in the WWE as a young rookie at Madison Square Garden in New York City. To celebrate the historic occasion, WWE dedicated the Survivor Series 2021 PPV to him.

WWE featured tons of old footage of The Rock's classic moments, plus his new movie Red Notice on Netflix was the sponsor for the show.

They even did a weird storyline where someone stole golden egg from the movie without Vince McMahon knowing.

Another tease for The Rock was a future match with Roman Reigns. However, all these teases about The Rock were for nothing because the man himself did not even appear on the show at all!

Fans were disappointed about The Rock's absence because the show itself was lackluster to begin with. That being said, it was impossible for The Rock to appear on the show due to a scheduling conflict.

As revealed by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, The Rock was unable to appear on the show because he was busy over in Europe filming for a new movie.

WWE originally wanted him to be a part of the show, but he physically couldn't be there.

WWE still went ahead to dedicate the show to him because they were receiving money from Netflix to help promote the recently released Red Notice movie.

Not to mention advertising The Rock usually gets casual viewers more interested in watching WWE.

It remains to be seen if The Rock will appear in the WWE in the near future. There are plans for him to face Roman Reigns, but his schedule is always full at the moment.

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