'Best Friends Whenever' Is Cancelled - But Where's Lauren Taylor?

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We learned this week that Disney quietly canceled Best Friends Whenever, one of their flagship shows, which along with Liv and Maddie Bunk'd, and Bizaardvark made up the bulk of their lineup.

For observers, it was not surprising that the show was canceled, given that it had been all but removed from the Disney schedule recently.

The last new episode of Best Friends Whenever aired in December, and was shot long before then.

We have been seeing some of the actors from the show elsewhere on Disney.

Ricky Garcia, one of the three members of the boy band Forever In Your Mind, has appeared in countless promos for the band and their tours.

And Landry Bender, one of the two co-stars of the show, has appeared in various bumps and commercials.

One person, however, has been noticeably absent for months: Lauren Taylor.

Taylor, who plays Cyd -- one of the main characters in the show -- had almost totally disappeared from Disney Channel several months before the show officially ended. And there have been few clues as to why.

That brings us to this week, when most of the cast members bid farewell to the show. Landry Bender, for example, wrote this on Tumblr:

I started writing this on December 16th but I wasn't yet ready to share...As some of you may have heard, Best Friends Whenever won't be going any further. Even though we've known this for a couple of months now, it doesn't make it hurt any less.

First off, HUGE thank you to Jed and Scott (our leaders/work dads) for a multitude of things. I've grown so much as an actor and even more as a person through them hiring my barely 14 year old self and trusting me to be a part of an ensemble with some of the most comically talented teenagers I know...And there were of course SO many other people behind and in front of that show who I adore, who without I wouldn't be the person I am today, and who I'm sure will attend my wedding someday.

This show was my high school, the best one a girl could dream of. And even though we'll all move on to different projects, being able to say I grew up with people is something I'll forever cherish.

Meanwhile, Garcia, who has been very busy with FIYM, made time to eulogize the ending of Best Friends Whenever, saying this:

And almost every other character in the show also posted about the ending:

Where in all this was Lauren Taylor? It's unclear. She has made no statements regarding the show on her Twitter or Instagram -- even though she has been posting regularly on Instagram over the last few days.

Recently, Taylor was working on a Christmas play in Pasadena; however, that appears to be over. None of the main characters seem to have addressed Taylor in their comments about the end of the show.

So what happened to Best Friends Whenever? Why was it canceled? And what happened to Laurent Taylor? Tweet us.

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