'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 episode 6: Nicole and Azan Shock Us Even More

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On tonight's episode of 90 Day Fiance season 5, we began to see more bickering tear our couples apart. Read on to find out more...

90 Day Fiance: Nicole and Azan

Azan and Nicole head to the beach to spend time together.

Azan reflects that having a kid is hard. He also complains to Nicole about how having a relationship with her cost him a job since he couldn't work when she was always nagging him to talk to her.

Nicole and May head to the market with Azan so that Nicole can learn how to cook healthily.

Nicole admits she's not used to fresh vegetables. Nicole is shocked even more when Azan heads to the chicken market to pick a live chicken.

Nicole and Azan head back to Azan's family's home to eat together. Azan's aunt has cooked sheep's head which disgusts Nicole. Azan is worried that he'll end up eating the fast food that Nicole clearly eats.

Nicole doesn't want to try the sheep's head and neither does May. Nicole does wind up trying it but can't stomach it.

90 Day Fiance: Molly and Luis

Luis is still grappling with Molly's daughters being cold to him. Luis is hopeful that Olivia will be supportive of his decision to marry Molly.

Olivia is overwhelmed but speaks from the heart when she says that getting married is what Molly has always wanted.

Olivia, does however, advise Luis to wait so that she and her sister can adjust. Luis feels that it doesn't make a difference whether he asks Molly now or later.

Later, Luis takes Molly to the beach and decides this is where he's going to propose. Molly is overjoyed and readily agrees to marry Luis when he proposes. She's also impressed by the ring.

Olivia goes to dinner with her mom and Luis to discuss the upcoming wedding. But when Molly and Luis cuddle a little too closely, Olivia is disgusted.

Luis tells Olivia she needs to get a real boyfriend, which upsets Molly because she doesn't want her daughter to be encouraged to sleep around. Molly realizes Luis needs to learn a little to become a father figure.

Luis is trying to spend more time with Molly's family to get them to accept him. But even Olivia is shocked when Luis says he doesn't mind her boyfriend staying over a little and sleeping with her. Olivia doesn't want to have a transparent discussion with Luis about sex.

Olivia turns around and goes to Molly and tells her about Luis's ease about discussing sex with her. Molly is shocked.

90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei are still in Ireland since Andre has to do his K1 visa interview.

Elizabeth is relieved to hear that the interview went well but she and Andrei come to the realization that they must now deal with Elizabeth's family.

Elizabeth and Andrei then head out to celebrate their victory but also contemplate returning to the US to face off against Elizabeth's family and friends.

Elizabeth's family feels she's changed since meeting Andrei. An example is that Elizabeth wants to be able to go out with her friends which Andrei is not happy about.

Andrei feels clubs and bars are places where people go to meet other people so he's wondering why Elizabeth would want to go out there. Elizabeth feels that Andrei needs to get used to women being equal to men.

90 Day Fiance: David and Annie

David calls his daughter Ashley to discuss his relationship with Annie. His daughter is somewhat adversarial when introduced to the topic of Annie but is willing to video-chat with Annie.

David covers Annie's hand when Annie is chatting with Ashley because his kids don't yet know that he's marrying Annie. David feels that if he tells his kids that he's marrying Annie, they'll be that much angrier at him.

Later, David and Annie go out but Annie gets upset when David gets drunk. Annie believes David is more likely to get drunk when he gets anxious.

In a heated moment, Annie is unsure if she wants to go to America or not. David does apologize to Annie but some damage is already done.

90 Day Fiance: Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David continue to plan their wedding and clash over choices.

They head to the tuxedo shop to make a decision; Evelyn wants David to wear a black tux while he favors a blue tux.

David is concerned about having to agree to everything with Evelyn, while she just wants to make all of the decisions on her own.

At the tux shop, the argument about what's going to happen to David's groomsmen comes up.

David wanted to pay for his groomsmen's tuxedos while Evelyn doesn't. Evelyn is concerned that she and David are fighting about so many small details.

Next, Evelyn and David head to a bakery to sample cakes. Evelyn is hoping to do something with David that they can agree on.

The bitter taste comes however, when David and Evelyn find out that their cake will cost as much as $750. The finances for the wedding are a damper and Evelyn and David have to purchase a smaller cake.

90 Day Fiance: Aika and Josh

Josh feels that Aika is gorgeous and looks like a model. He feels that she could work professionally as a model too. When they run errands, Aika is shocked by the size of the produce. Later, Josh and Aika head out to see if Aika can model.

Aika realizes that Josh being able to say that she's a model boosts his self esteem. Aika feels insecure at the modeling call but does manage to audition.

The agency does feel that they would like to sign Aika but when she announces that she wants to get pregnant in 1 to 2 years, even Josh is a little surprised.

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