First Teaser Trailer For Deadpool 2 Has Been Released

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Ryan Reynolds has uploaded a new teaser trailer hyping up the release of Deadpool 2.

If you loved the first movie, this teaser trailer will please you as it features the same type of humor and comedic timing.

It also shows us that Deadpool is not as good as a superhero as other comic book characters out there.

In this teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson is walking down the street and he sees a robbery taking place in an alleyway.

In order to hide hs identity, he goes into a phone booth to try and put on his Deadpool costume. The teaser even plays the iconic Superman theme from John Williams to great effect.

Sadly though, Deadpool is not as graceful or heroic as Superman. It takes him too much time to put on his tight costume.

It takes so long, that the person getting robbed dies and the mugger runs away. This is evident that Deadpool won't be your average superhero movie again. The character is always known to take things outside the box.

Near the end of the trailer, we also get to see a cameo from a famous Marvel personality. That person is none other than Stan Lee himself.

Stan Lee is great as he has made an appearance in nearly every Marvel movie.

This includes movies from both Sony and 20th Century Fox too. The only notable absence of Stan Lee was in the horrible 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four.

Anyway, you can watch the teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 below. The movie is still in production with a projected release date in 2018.

We have yet to know who will play the roles of both Domino and Cable. A lot of names have been thrown around but nothing official has been announced at this time.

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