Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 Review/Recap: A Sniper Targets Universe 7

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As seen in last week's episode of Dragon Ball Super, Universe 7 had a bit of a scare as Krillin and Goku feared that Master Roshi died.

Well it turns out he's okay, although he gave out a lot of his energy. He will be needing some rest if he wants to continue fighting in the tournament.

This Dragon Ball Super episode starts off with Gohan and Piccolo as they are confronted by the character named Dr. Rota from Universe 6. Dr Rota's boasting does not last very long because a laser blast gets him from behind.

It appears we have a sniper in the tournament shooting from afar. Snipers are dangerous because the fighters do not know where this person is at the moment. Dr. Rota isn't dead, but he's knocked out cold.

Piccolo and Gohan have to evade the incoming fire. They still don't know where this sniper is hiding.

The dangerous thing about the sniper is that both Gohan and Piccolo cannot sense any energy. They cannot locate the sniper as they can with other fighters.

This sniper is able to spy on our heroes because of a magenta colored ball that acts like a surveillance camera. As Gohan and Piccolo try to move to safety, the sniper is able to shoot Piccolo's arm.

Luckily, Piccolo is a Namekian and can grow out his arm again. The only downside is that Piccolo has lost a lot of energy from the attack.

Anyway, Piccolo and Gohan try and locate the trajectory of the shot. Much like in a Metal Gear Solid video game, they can see a glow to the original location of the gunshot.

This could be a way for them to finally locate the sniper. The pair use a smokescreen to hide their location from the sniper. A very smart battle strategy.

Piccolo realizes that the magenta colored balls are spying on him and Gohan so he heats up the debris around him to confuse the sniper. This plan does not work though because the sniper gets angry and spams blasts around the arena.

Piccolo is hit again protecting Gohan. However, he can regrow his limbs but is losing energy.

The sniper then starts to target Tien, Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta is a bit cocky and thinks he can dodge the sniper easily. Well a warning shot is fired and they have to take cover.

At this point of the episode, Goku and Vegeta find out that the sniper blasts are being reflected off a fat magenta colored character named Prum.

They confront him to blast him, but their attacks fail. This fat character has the ability to reflect their own attacks!

We then see that the real sniper is a green character named Hermila. Hermila fires blasts from his wrist cannon that reflects off the fat Prum.

These two characters are a dangerous combination. Tien manages to spot Hermila to try and take him out while Goku and Vegeta concentrate on Prum.

Tien then uses a technique we have not seen since the original Dragon Ball series. He splits himself into multiple beings that act like his clones.

Tien can see more with his clones out on the field, although sometimes the clones cannot survive.

Well at least the blasts from the sniper take out the clones and not the real Tien. The clones are being used to protect the real one.

As Tien is trying to locate Hermila, Vegeta comes up with a brilliant plan. The fat Prum character can only reflect Ki blasts.

He cannot reflect physical attacks such as boulders. Goku joins in and both he and Vegeta throw lots of debris at Prum.

Tien finally locates Hermila and blasts him. Hermila is on his knees and it looks like he has been beaten.

That is until he blasts the ground beneath him and it looks like Tien is falling out of the ring.

Before Tien is eliminated, his clones kidnap Hermila and drag him out of the ring too.

Since they are not allowed to fly in the tournament, both Hermila and Tien are eliminated! Tien will have to join Krillin on the sidelines.

Vegeta and Goku realize Prum has no attacks of his own and he's cornered. Dr.

Rota wakes up and wants his revenge on Prum. Well the pair are just blasted out of the ring by Vegeta before they can fight each other. Vegeta has eliminated members from Universe 2 and Universe 6 respectively.

Anyway, this episode of Dragon Ball Super was amazing. A suspenseful sniper episode has never been done in Dragon Ball before, or any other anime I have watched.

It goes to show us that brute strength is not the only way to victory. This touranment shows us that people of all abilties have a chance to win.

I also liked how this episode didn't focus on the same characters. In the first half of it. it focused on Gohan and Piccolo.

After that Tien stole the show, although Vegeta and Goku helped out as well. It's kind of sad to see Tien get eliminated already though.

He didn't do much in the tournament, and now he just has to sit there. That said, it was cool to see him use a move he hasn't done in ages.

Next time on Dragon Ball Super, Universe 7 have to face the nefarious Frost from Universe 6.

Frost is not an easy enemy to beat since he uses dirty tactics in order to win. Will Universe 7 be able to beat him without losing another member?

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