MTV 'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 2 Recap: What Happens to the Dead Body?

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Tonight was the second episode of MTV's Sweet/Vicious. In the last episode we met Jules, the sorority girl who doubles as a ninja, and Ophelia, a computer hacker and drug dealer.

At the end of the episode, they had killed a man and put him in the trunk of their car. Then, for some reason, they hit up a bar.

This episode opens with the car missing and Ophelia and Jules arguing over it. It seems that the car was towed for being in a loading zone.

Jules calls for the car, but they need $2000 to get it out. Ophelia finds some money among her record albums in her friend's shop. But that isn't enough, so they take from Jules' sorority petty fund.

After getting the money, the two women go to the location that the car was supposed to be in, only to find that that location is a police station.

We find out that Jules' dad is a police officer, and the officer who they speak to knows Jules.

The officer says she needs $2000 plus $200 processing, but she may be able to get away with only paying the $2000 if she talks to the police chief.

Meanwhile, Ophelia is in the waiting room where she meets another young woman who appears to have been raped and is trying to file a case, only to be ignored by everyone.

The woman ends up leaving because she's very tired, and she decides to not file a complaint.

After the women get Ophelia's car, they try to figure out what to do with the body. Ophelia returns home, where she looks up the woman whom she met at the police station.

She finds out who raped the woman. She breaks in to the boys' locker room and downloads data from the rapist's phone.

Back at the sorority house, Jules sets up a date with Tyler, the guy she met in the last episode (whose step-brother was the guy she killed).

At night, Ophelia and Jules go to the cemetery to bury the body, but the police show up chasing a bunch of frat guys.

They come across Ophelia's friend, and they cuff him, until they get evidence that he wasn't involved.

Ophelia gets the money she owes Jules from her mom and then climbs into Jules' bedroom, giving her a folder with their "next guy." Jules says "there is no next guy" because of what happened, but Ophelia wants to continue.

They have a falling out, but after some soul-searching music, they meet up again.

Ophelia takes Jules to see a wall which lists the rapists on campus, and Jules adds the name of her rapist, Nate Griffin.

The episode ends with both women entering the basketball court where the rapist practices and beating up the rapist.

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