Teen Mom Star Makes Shocking Allegations About Drugs, Abuse, and More

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Simon Saran is Farrah Abraham's on-again-off-again boyfriend on MTV's Teen Mom OG. Currently, the couple are off, but that doesn't stop Simon from talking trash about the Teen Mom cast and crew.

Saran has an upcoming special about himself on MTV, after which he claims he will no longer appear on the show. But he left with some serious bombshells.

Here is what he had to say on a variety of Teen Mom rumors:

Teen Mom OG: Farrah's Mom and Drugs?

Simon is claiming that Farrah's mom is with her new fiance (whom Farrah hates) in order to get drugs:

Twitter user: Is deb with David just to get prescription medication?

Simon: Yes

Teen Mom OG: Farrah a 'Slave to money'

Simon claims Farrah and he only broke up because she was told to do so by MTV, so they could film her on SingleAF for MTV UK:

Simon: Farrah is a slave to MTV. What they say goes ... Her producers were trying to set up the fake #MTVSingleAF show. Which will tank. I don't have time for child play shit anymore... Her producers needed her to play single. Being a slave to money you hurt people along the way.

Teen Mom OG: MTV Producers Under Investigation For Providing Drugs?

Simon is claiming that MTV producers are under investigation for providing drugs. Previously, he said that Ryan Edwards was given drugs by the producers of Teen Mom.

Twitter User: Why aren't MTV producers under investigation for pushing pills?

Simon: They are

Teen Mom OG: Matt Amber Abuse Allegations

Simon alleges that Matt Baier abused Amber Portwood:

Twitter User: Did Matt abuse amber?

Simon: Yes

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