Hot Toys Reveals New Grogu Toy From The Mandalorian

Little Grogu is arguably the most popular character to come from The Mandalorian TV show on Disney+. Due to the character's popularity, Hot Toys has revealed a new toy for him.

Hot Toys has released figures of Grogu in the past, but this new one is 1/4th scale. Aside from pictures, Sideshow has also released an unboxing video of the toys too.You can view it below. 

You can read the features and accessories as highlighted in the official press release posted down below.

  • Authentic and detailed hand painted likeness of the Child in the live-action series The Mandalorian 
  • Two newly developed interchangeable head sculpts (natural, and mouth-opened) with highly-detailed facial expression and skin texture
  • Newly developed quarter scale body with specialized frame for a wide range of articulations
  • Three pairs of interchangeable ears
  • Three pairs of interchangeable arms 
  • One robe
  • One hover pram with cover and blanket
  • One Mythosaur emblem necklace with strap
  • One silver-colored knob
  • Specially designed articulated figure base with movie logo and character name

The toy is available to pre-order now from the official Sideshow website. Other toys available from Hot Toys include The Mandalorian himself, Boba Fett and many troopers and more. 

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