Ellen DeGeneres Meets 7-Month-Old Baby With A Full Head of Hair

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Baby Theo may have the best hair on the planet and he's just 7-months-old. The little wonder visited The Ellen Show so that her audience and viewers could see just how amazing his full head of hair looks.

Theo has over 50 million views on EllenTube with a video his mom uploaded. You could see the incredible amount of hair on Theo who didn't seem phased about the video.

Theo's mom said that people told her it was going to fall out but it just kept growing. At times his hair was a bit spiky but it has gotten to the point where it's now relaxed and tamed.

DeGeneres wanted to know if there was anything special being done to preserve Theo's hair and his mom said that she uses regular baby shampoo, a little leave in conditioner and blow drying it.

They rolled some footage of Theo getting his hair dried and it was just as adorable. Theo's dad wants to dress him up as one of the members of KISS and DeGeneres made it happen by gifting him a costume.

You can check out Theo and his rockstar hair in The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Meets 7-Month-Old Baby With A Full Head of Hair