'Sister Wives': Mariah's Shocking Announcement; What Happens After...

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On tonight's 3 hour episode of TLC's Sister Wives, there was a lot of talk about the catfish scandal.

We've written in great detail about that, and you can read about it in our other articles. But just before the show ended, Mariah dropped a HUGE bombshell on the family.

Mariah, Meri's daughter, called all of the adults together in Christine's library in order to make her announcement.

While waiting, Christine tried to get some hints out of Mariah, but Mariah refused to answer any questions. Still, she seemed happy -- and she seemed to be hoping that the rest of the family would be happy too.

The last two times all of the parents assembled in the library, there were engagement announcements. However, Mariah put that idea to a rest when Kody asked.

Kody next guessed that Mariah had gotten accepted into medical school, and Christine hoped that Mariah was going to UNLV. In addition, there were a lot of rumors online that Mariah may be pregnant.

But none of those was the announcement. Instead, after a lot of nervousness, Mariah came out and made the announcement: "I'm gay."

All of the adults were shocked. Their mouths dropped open and nobody knew what to say in response to Mariah's announcement. That's where TLC ended the episode.

What Happens After Mariah's Announcement - Spoilers

So what will happen in the next episode? Will the conservative Mormon adults be able to deal with a gay child? We have some answers.

It turns out that Kody is relatively accepting; he is happy that Mariah has figured out her life, and he's ready to move forward. But the wives have different reactions. Meri, Mariah's mother, is not very happy.

While Meri does accept her daughter as she is, she has a lot of concerns. Meri tries to talk to Mariah about the situation, but the conversation is difficult, and the two seem to push each other away.

Interestingly, Mariah has said in the past that she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps and have a plural marriage. It remains to be seen how that will play out.

What happens after that? Does Meri eventually give Mariah her blessing? We'll have to find out next week.

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