Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 2 'Re-Inventing the Abbotts' Review

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Life Sentence on The CW made its premiere last week and was a more unique take on a romantic drama type of show. It was advertised as both a drama and comedy and I surprisingly liked the first episode. 

Well episode 2 called 'Re-Inventing the Abbotts' was sadly a lot slower than the first episode was and focused more om the drama side of things.

That said, there were still little splashes of comedy that made this sophomore episode a little bit more exciting.

While watching the pilot, I was concerned about where the story was going to go as I did not think there was enough plot to go for a long season.

Well episode 2 does introduce some new problems for the Abbott family to face and everything is not as picture perfect as they once were.

The main character of Stella's (Lucy Hale) problem in this episode is that her husband Wes (Elliot Knight) might get deported back to London unless they convince the Immigration Officer that he's allowed to stay in the USA. The interesting part about this part of the story is that Wes confesses to Stella that he used to love someone else that she never knew about before they met. 

As for the rest of the Abbott family, her brother Aiden is still a bum that stays home with his father all day and sleeps with any soccer mom that he can see.

There's still no direction for this character, even though he's the most comedic person on the show.

I'm hoping there's more to Aiden in the future episodes as I hope he can get a job sometime soon.

It's not every day that you see a TV character that is unemployed so it's nice to see the show tackle some more real life issues.

Speaking of real life dramas, the main story in this episode is that the family wants to sell off their old home.

Stella's Dad is against this because he wants to sell the house for a lot of money, but her Mom wants to get rid of it ASAP no matter how low the price is.

The beginning of this week's episode was a little more fun, but then it turned into a drama towards the very end.

I was hoping there was more comedy, but I guess they needed to make the story a little more serious to please those that like dramas.

As a whole, this week's episode of Life Sentence was not as fun as last week's effort although it's great to see they managed to still find new problems for the family to face.

I still feel the show could have been 30 minutes long as opposed to being one hour because this week's episode did drag on quite a bit.

That said, Lucy Hale is still excellent as the main lead of the show as she's likable and does not take herself too seriously.

Hopefully next week's episode there is more comedy in it as the laughs were minimal this week.

Verdict: 6.5/10

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