'Arrow' Recap: 'Second Chances,' Season 5 Episode 11

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The CW's "Arrow" is in search of a new teammate.

Specifically, one to fill the void left by the Black Canary. It doesn't seem like she's the hero Laurel was though in "Second Chances," the eleventh episode of the fifth season.

Curtis hears about a woman named Tina Boland who has been leaving a trail of chaos across the country. Felicity takes on another hacker while trying to help Diggle by hacking into the NSA. In the flashbacks, Talia al Ghul offers to help Oliver with Kovar but is her price too high for him to pay?

The episode opens up on the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Tina is a police officer who has been captured. Her partner and lover was also captured.

He's killed just as it explodes and she is screaming as the blast hits her.

The team is offering up their candidates for the new Canary. The only one Oliver will consider is the woman Curtis found who has the same powers as Earth-2 Laurel.

Adrian alerts Oliver and Diggle of a file that the was built against Walker but has been slow rolled. Talia reveals that she rescued Oliver because he learnt everything from one of her students.

While Felicity hacks the government in search of the file, the boys take a trip to Hub City to speak with Tina. Of course, she's gotta play hard to get.

Oliver calls CCPD after finding out Tina used to work there. They're able to get a lead from her back story. Felicity finally gets to the file but it's been scrubbed clean.

Talia offers up a lead to get at Kovar by cutting off his supply system. Wild Dog and Green Arrow go to Tina's apartment while Mr.

Terrific stays behind on the computers. She's torturing one of the guys and kills him the moment the heroes storm in.

Oliver gives her his pitch for why she should join the team. As per usual, she rejects him. Curtis is able to figure out how to find the man Tina is after. Felicity gets a message from another hacker who says they can help and wants to meet in person.

Curtis finds the location of Sonus, the drug dealer. Tina has as well.

She's able to dispatch the henchmen but she wasn't prepared for Sonus to be a meta-human as well. Green Arrow and Wild Dog come to her rescue. Sonus is able to escape with only an arrow to the shoulder.

Even after learning that her power is ineffective against him, Tina refuses help from the Arrow team. In Russia, Oliver chooses to beat his target to death instead of simply shooting.

Felicity meets the hacker, who is a long fan of her past hacktivism.

WIld Dog uses the dampener to block Sonus' ability but that also means Tina won't be able to use hers. Oliver tries to talk her out of killing the drug lord but she does it anyway.

Felicity alerts Oliver that they have the files needed to free Diggle. When she opens the flash drive, though, there's a lot more information than that. Diggle is being released on bail and the motion against him could get thrown out.

Talia gives Oliver his first Hood costume in order for him to return to Star City and fulfill his father's wishes. Tina visits Mayor Queen at his office. She's come to accept his proposal to be on the team.

"Second Chances" introduced a new player to the team of "Arrow." It was nice to see Felicity in her computer element again. Continue watching Wednesdays at 8pm or watch them the next day here.

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