WWE Smackdown Receives Its Lowest Rating In History

WWE Smackdown has been airing for over twenty years now and the show usually gets a good amount of viewers each and every week.

However, last week the show went to another channel due to the World Series and the ratings plummeted.

Usually Smackdown airs on the main Fox channel on Friday nights, but last week it aired on FS1. Despite the change, Smackdown received the worst viewership in history.

It has been reported that Smackdown only garnered 880,000 viewers this week on FS1. This is the first time in history that the show had less than 1 million viewers!

The previous lowest rated show was a 2015 New Year's Eve special that only received 1.6 million viewers back on the SyFy channel. FS1 is available in 80 million homes so this rating is seen to be a huge disappointment.

WWE knew the rating was going to drop due to the World Series, but the company anticipated the show would have still gotten over 2 million viewers.

It's also a huge disappointment because last week's show featured the likes of Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair!

To add insult to injury, AEW Dynamite on TNT actually got more viewers last week compared to Smackdown.

The AEW show had over 963,000 viewers on a Wednesday night. AEW too had to compete with the same sports competition on at the same time.

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