'90 Day Fiance': Is It All Fake? What Really Happened After The Cameras Left

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As the end of this season of 90 Day Fiance and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After draws near, there are still many questions left unanswered. What happens to Mohamed? Do Jorge and Anfisa marry? And more.

But there's actually much more to 90 Day Fiance than we see on camera, and some have accused the show of being all fake. Is it?

What Happens After The Cameras Stop Rolling on 90 Day Fiance

Throughout the several seasons of 90 Day Fiance, couples have come out and complained about how they were portrayed.

This season, Mohamed posted on social media about how unfair the show was to him.

But it wasn't only him: Nicole (of Nicole and Azan) and Kyle (of Kyle and Moon) have both suggested that what you see on TV isn't always the truth.

But more than any of these couples, there are two people who have gone out and accused 90 Day Fiance of misrepresenting their situations: Jason (of Jason and Cassie) and Mark (of Mark and Nikki).

Jason has been unhappy with his portrayal ever since the show originally aired, and he has made it very clear. On his Facebook page, he often points out situations where things on the show aren't completely true. For example, when asked a question about whether he ended up moving to Tampa (as the show led us to believe), his response was, "No, that was just for the show.

The show was suppose to show: new business, then have money to move, if pregnant we would be covered cause of business doing well. I saw just Cassia 'maybe' being pregnant. Oh well. Thats TV for ya."

In addition to this, Jason has suggested many times that the show has tried to keep him quiet. Here was a Facebook post he made at the end of last year (via Starcasm):

Breaking News Fans & Friends: Discovery Channel, the parent company of TLC, refused to give footage of Cassia & I and TLC logo rights to the Dr.Phil show. Cassia & I were booked as guests on his show for a November 16th taping. Discovery Media convinced producers of Dr. Phil to take another couple as they would give them (Dr.Phil) any footage they wanted. Discovery stated we weren't allowed to do it because of our contract even though it is expired. Dr. Phil didn't care. They just needed a couple with a large "age difference with "issues"". Melanie & Devar were asked to be on the show and were filmed instead. Will air this Thursday. So, that is the TV biz for ya! You win some. You lose some. Thank you friends for your support & trust.

Mark, meanwhile, appears to feel similarly slighted. After his portrayal on 90 Day Fiance, he became "absolutely paranoid," according to Jason. Jason also says that Mark is suing because the portrayal has hurt him in his real life:

Mark and Nikki are still together. He still rents pianos to some of the biggest musicians in the Baltimore/DC/NYC area. Nikki actually got a job at a bakery but left. They wanted her to work graveyard and thats something they didn't want to do. They seem to enjoy each other and how things are going. Mark is working on a lawsuit against Discovery/TLC and Sharp productions for Libel, defamation, and fraud.

He seems to believe that at least some of the show is not a fully accurate representation...and that's how it is purposely set up.

Moreover, we see that even though their relationships were depicted as so troubled during the show, both couples are (or at least were recently) still together.

What About This Season's 90 Day Fiance Couples?

But what about this season's 90 Day Fiance couples? What happens to them when the cameras shut off? And are they portrayed realistically?

It depends on the couple. Loren and Alexei did end up married and they have lived happily since.

The incidents that were shown on camera (like during the wedding) appear to be exaggerations at best.

Similarly, Kyle and Noon have been happy since their appearance on the show, and their conflicts seem to be largely exaggerated. What exactly happens to these couples? Find out here.

Other couples seem to have been portrayed with much more conflict than actually existed. For example, Melanie and Devar have consistently had a good relationship.

Aside from a few bumps, the relationship has gone smoothly, and the two are still happily together.

It also seems that the family members (like Melanie's sister) get along fine as well. You can read the details about what happens to Melanie and Devar here.

Another relationship that appears to have been portrayed in an unfairly bad light is Nicole and Azan. Although Azan still lives in Morocco, the two look like they're still in love.

In fact, recently Azan spoke of Nicole as the joy of his life. We have much more on this couple here. Jorge and Nicole also weren't portrayed totally fairly -- you can read about that relationship in our article here.

Mohamed and Danielle were portrayed more realistically. There were multiple police reports filed during their time together, some of which weren't discussed on the show.

We have an article about Mohamed and Danielle's secrets here. And these two are definitely living separate lives. Still, Mohamed does think that he was represented unfairly, and he's been unfairly attacked in social media.

What about the other couples? Check out the links below.

So is 90 Day Fiance all fake? Definitely not. There's a lot of realism in the show. However, there do appear to be situations and people that are portrayed inaccurately or unfairly.

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