Persona 5: The Animation Episode 12 Recap/Review: 'I Found The Place Where I Belong'

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Persona 5: The Animation continues on this week with The Phantom Thieves trying to dob in a vicious mob boss named Kaneshiro.

The team get some extra help thanks to the new addition of Makoto who joined the team in last week's episode.

If you have played the video game, you'll know the Palaces are a huge part that consists of a bit of puzzle solving and lots of fighting and leveling up.

Well in the TV show it's kind of sad to see the Palace segments from the game are mostly glossed over and aren't a huge part in the anime.

For example, cracking open Kaneshiro's bank vault was pretty difficult in the video game because you had to solve lots of puzzles and fight through lots of enemies.

Here in the anime, it seems as if the team get to the end pretty quickly without doing much effort.

I understand why the anime makes things go faster, but I was hoping there would be more to the Palace scenes.

As a person that has played the game, it feels like the anime characters don't have to do as much work as their video game counterparts.

At least the end boss fight with Kaneshiro in the anime is epic as he recruits a huge mechanic piggy bank to fight the team.

We even get to hear some remixed versions of the main soundtrack that sounds pretty cool.

Even though Ren is the main character of the show, Makoto has been the main focus recently and she's by far the smartest character of the entire group.

There's something about Makoto that makes her so likable because she always knows what she is doing and never procrastinates or whines like some of the other members of the Phantom Thieves.

To cut a long story short, The Phantom Thieves are eventually able to take down Kaneshiro once and for all and their debt is called off.

Not to mention he turns himself in to the authorities where he confesses all of his previous criminal shenanigans.

The only shocking revelation Kaneshiro shares before he's arrested is that there's a guy in the black mask that can enter the metaverse the same way as The Phantom Thieves.

The good guys will have to watch out because this mysterious character with a black mask has been able to make life hell for some characters in the past!

There's not much else to the rest of the episode because Kaneshiro has been arrested and the characters celebrate another victory.

However, they may have to stop gloating because things are going to get harder for them in the episodes to come!

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