Persona 5: The Animation Episode 4 Review: Steal it, if you can

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Persona 5: The Animation continues this week with episode 4 where the heroes have to make Mr Kamoshida confess. Mr Kamoshida has sexually and physically abused school students, although he has yet to be exposed for his heinous crimes.

This week's episode runs by so quickly compared to the video game which is interesting because everything concludes in fast fashion.

I remember it took me over 10 hours to finish the first story arc in the video game of Persona 5, but the TV series goes through everything in just four 20 minute long episodes!

The thing that I miss from the video games is the suspense and time limit aspect.

In the video game, you needed to finish the mission before a set time limit or else the main characters would be expelled from school.

The player also had to equip their own weapons by shopping and earning their own money by working part-time jobs.

Here, all the suspense is gone because the heroes just get everything they can in just a matter of minutes and they don't have to go through lots of turn-based battles.

That's not to say this week's episode was bad, it's just that it was more enjoyable playing through the story than simply just watching the events unfold. Here, it is kind of predictable knowing how the events will occur.

However, what I admired most about this week's episode is that the TV series still maintains high quality animation throughout.

I liked watching Dragon Ball Super, although at times you know the animators were rushing because the animation would look rough and sloppy at times.

Persona 5: The Animation is the exact opposite because every frame of animation looks immaculate. This is evident in the final boss scene as the animators use some 3D animation to model the ugly demon version of Mr Kamoshida.

Not to mention the series still retains the awesome soundtrack that featured in the video game. I never get bored of hearing the soundtrack because it's one of the best I have ever listened to in modern times.

If you are new to the franchise, it's best to watch it without looking at any spoilers from the video game. You need to watch/experience the plot without spoilers to fully immerse yourself in the story and its characters.

Anyway, this week's episode wrapped up the Mr Kamoshida storyline as the evil school teacher finally confessed his crimes thanks to the work done by The Phantom Thieves.

However, the series continues as there are lots of other adults in the city that need to confess their crimes.

If you've played the game, there's little incentive to watch the series though as everything has been the same so far.

I'm four episodes in and the dialogue and events that have happened so far do not have any changes from the video game.

Persona 5: The Animation is still worth watching though if you want to re-live the story all over again. That said, newer viewers will appreciate it more as they're not getting spoiled.

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