Chris Pine Talks Briefly About Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Although he hasn't confirmed he's in the movie yet, actor Chris Pine has talked briefly about what he knows about the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie.

As you may have heard already, Wonder Woman 1984 director, Patty Jenkins, will be responsible for bringing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron to life when it comes out in 2023.

Wonder Woman 1984 star Chris Pine knows a bit about the movie already while talking to Patty Jenkins. You can read his interview comments below from Collider.

"I had spoken to her about, not my involvement, but the story. She talked to me about it. It sounds really, really great. But I’m ecstatic for her, excited for what she’s about to embark on. If there’s anyone that can reimagine and breathe fresh, new life into it, it’s her".

It will be very interesting if Chris Pine is named as an actor in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. If he gets involved, he'll be a rare actor that is involved with both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises.

Since it's only early 2021, we won't know more details about Rogue Squadron until closer to its 2023 release date. Disney and Lucasfilm are currently more involved in making TV shows for Disney+ right now. 

The next Star Wars project in the pipeline is The Book of Boba Fett debuting on Disney+ this December 2021.

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