MTV To Premiere New Teen Mom 'New Jersey' Series, New Catfish Spin Off

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MTV quietly announced two really interesting new shows this week, both of which are spinoffs of major MTV hits.

Teen Mom New Jersey will follow a whole new set of teen moms, who live in New Jersey. Catfish: Trolls will find and out trolls online.

Catfish: Trolls was previously teased, and will include Charlamagne tha God and Raymond Braun. They will find and identify trolls online, using a Catfish like investigation.

The casting calls for Catfish: Trolls have been previously reported, and it doesn't seem like the show will really be exposing anonymous internet figures.

Instead, in the casting call, the producers of the series were looking for people with a "rival" online, who apparently will be found.

More interesting, however, is another show: Teen Mom: New Jersey. The new teen mom show was quietly announced this week, although rumors were going around for a few weeks that MTV was in New Jersey doing filming.

Details on the show are scant, according to Teen Mom Junkies, but they appear to be following between 4 and 5 moms, all based in the New Jersey area.

There is currently no word on who those moms are, or what they look like. However, there was a leaked photo of the filming from the series, and MTV offered one picture from the show.

The casting call for Teen Mom New Jersey wrote that MTV was looking for women 16+ with young kids to do another spin off of 16 and Pregnant, the original Teen Mom. The show is set to start airing in September 2017.

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