'Too Close To Home' Finale Leaves Major Questions; What Will Season 3 Reveal?

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After a huge season, Too Close to Home ended with a ton of cliffhangers. But it also ended with many open questions. What will happen in the next season? What will be resolved? Let's take a look.

The major cliffhanger in season 2 was what the President had planned after he arrived in Happy, Alabama. The last scene of the season showed the President outside of Annie's house.

At that point, the secret service agent, Larry, calls Annie and asks her to come out. Of course, this raises the question of what the President intends to do with Annie.

But it also raises other questions.

We know that the President had set into place the 'pelican', but we have no clues yet as to what that may be.

Could it be a plan to kill or somehow silence Annie? Or is it something else? Could it be related to the first lady?

Activating the 'pelican' is likely to be extremely important in season 3 of Too Close to Home. Since the President was outed about his affair, there isn't too much incentive for him to try to cover it up at this point, so we don't think he's trying to silence Annie.

But he could be trying to distract from the whole affair topic.

Another question that is left open at the end of season 2 is whether Brody's dad is dead.

JB tries to silence him at the end of the season finale, but he appears to have cut off his air for too long, and the dad isn't responding.

Does JB end up killing him? What will he do after that? We don't have any clues yet.

The season also ended with a shocking event involving Bonnie. After Eli tries to rape Rebel, Bonnie appears to run him down with her car. Does she kill Eli? What will she do next? Hide the body? Something else?

So those are the major cliffhangers that we expect to see resolved next season. We'll have to wait and see whether they do get resolved.

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