What Is Dan Bilzerian's Net Worth?

Dan Bilzerian is as famous for how much money he has lost at the poker table as he is for winning. But exactly how much money does the Instagram star and noted playboy have?

Hollywood Life suggests the Bilzerian is worth $100 million and notes that he once won $10.8 million in a single poker tournament.

Celebrity Net Worth uses the same $100 million number noting that Bilzerian's father declared bankruptcy in 2001 claiming just $15,000 in assets and more than $140 million worth of debt.

Pegging the exact value of the younger Bilzerian's fortune is difficult because he has also lost millions playing poker, made money as an investor in the Film "Lone Survivor," and other ventures.

Whatever he's worth, Billzerian made it clear on Instagram that he does not care what people think about him.

"People that don't know me are going to judge me. I'm not going to run around and worry about what people think," he said.

"People that are friends might not know what's up, but it doesn't matter. Look, I have had some money given to me but I've made money and at the end of the day it's nobody's business but mine."

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