The Mandalorian Scout Trooper Hot Toys Look Finalized

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Hot Toys has now revealed the final look of the new Scout Trooper toy that it will release soon. This version of the Scout Trooper includes Grogu and is from the first season of The Mandalorian.

The cool thing about this Hot Toys set is that it includes a Speeder Bike too. Hasbro released its own version of this months ago, but this is the more realistic Hot Toys iteration.

Hot Toys revealed the toy on Facebook. You can read the full announcement posted down below.

"Moff Gideon was in search of the young alien founding, under the protection of the Mandalorian, and dispatched Scout Troopers to acquire the asset. Recreating the thrilling action scenes, Hot Toys is excited today to present the final product of 1/6th scale Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike collectible set inspired by Star Wars The Mandalorian series.

The 1/6th scale Scout Trooper figure is crafted based on the appearance of the Imperial Scout Trooper in Star Wars: The Mandalorian, features greatly detailed helmet and armor with weathering effects, fabric body suit, a blaster rifle, and a desert-themed figure stand.

The 1/6th scale Speeder Bike is created with precision and meticulous craftsmanship. Measuring at approximately 52.5cm in length, it features weathering effects, articulated grip, foot pedals, steering vane, engine flaps and cannon, and a desert-themed figure stand.

In additional, this collectible set includes a 1/6th scale Grogu figure with newly sculpted expression, a shoulder bag for the Speeder Bike pilot to carry any special asset!

You can stream both seasons of The Mandalorian now on Disney+. Hot Toys also has many other characters available from the show coming soon too!

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