Drew McIntyre And Charlotte Flair Win WWE 2020 Royal Rumble Matches

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It has been a sad day knowing about the death of Kobe Bryant, but things slightly brightened up thanks to WWE's Royal Rumble matches. The matches were entertaining, although the winners is where most people are discussing.

The first Royal Rumble match was the women's bout that saw a lot of older wrestlers coming back to wrestle. Some of the old names we got to see included Mighty Molly, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and even Santina Marella.

The MVP of the match was Bianca Belair who eliminated 8 Superstars from the match. This is a new record for the Women's Royal Rumble match. Shayna Baszler also tied that record later on in the night with another 8 eliminations.

Sadly, it looks like Ronda Rousey is not returning to the WWE anytime soon. She did not appear on the PPV, so it looks like she's taking a longer break from wrestling than anticipated.

The only disappointing thing about the Women's Rumble was the overall winner.

For some strange reason, WWE let Charlotte win the whole thing which is a bad decision because she's already main evented WrestleMania last year. Not to mention she's won the title many times too!

Bayley is still the Smackdown Women's Champion and Becky Lynch retained her Raw Women's title against Asuka later on in the night.

Charlotte will have to choose a title to go for, but I'm hoping we don't see yet another Becky Lynch vs Charlotte match at WrestleMania 36!

The Men's Royal Rumble match didn't disappoint because WWE actually chose a worthy winner this year. The hard working and underrated Drew McIntyre won the Royal Rumble match for the very first time.

The match started off in humorous fashion because Brock Lesnar was first and he eliminated 13 of the first entrants all by himself! Lesnar looked so strong and it didn't look like anyone was going to throw him over.

It wasn't until Ricochet hit Lesnar in the balls that weakened the beast. After that, Drew McIntyre did the Claymore kick to eliminate Lesnar over the top rope!

As for surprises, Edge came back from retirement and had a nice showing. Another former star was MVP who came back just to be chucked out by Lesnar. As for NXT stars, only Keith Lee and Matt Riddle appeared.

The final two came down to Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. I'm glad McIntyre won since Roman Reigns already won the Royal Rumble five years ago.

As to who Drew McIntyre will face, it's highly possible we will see him challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 36. I for one cannot wait for this contest.

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