The Justice League Movie Blu-ray Only Has Under 75 Minutes Of Special Features

Warner Bros and DC have been quite generous with their Blu-ray releases recently giving us loads of extended cuts, deleted scenes and more.

However, the special features in the Justice League movie Blu-ray won't offer us much additional footage aside from one Superman scene that will last under two minutes long.

A user on the forums named 'Pieter V' has posted up the duration of the many special features included in the Blu-ray release of the Justice League movie.

You can look at the list of special features and their times posted down below.

Special Features:

  • The return of Superman 01:51
  • The heart of Justice League 11:20
  • Scene studies: Heroes Park 04:40
  • Justice League: New heroes 11:49
  • Scene studies: Revisiting the Amazons 03:20
  • The road to justice 13:32
  • Steppenwolf, the conqueror 02:51
  • Suit up: The look of Justice League 09:50
  • The technology of Justice League 07:50
  • Scene studies: The tunnel battle 03:19
  • Scene studies: Wonder Woman's rescue 03:02

Total runtime: 73:24

This may seem disappointing for hardcore fans because Warner Bros did cut out a lot of additional footage that still hasn't been seen by the public.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had an extended cut, but sadly it looks like Justice League will not be getting the same kind of treatment.

Hopefully in the future, Warner Bros considers releasing an extended cut for Justice League. After all, we finally got to see the Richard Donner cut of Superman II 26 years after the original Superman II movie came out in 1980!

The release date for the Blu-ray is March 13th, 2018. The movie is released digitally first coming out on February 13th, 2018.

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