The Rotten Tomatoes Rating For Jennifer Lawrence's 'Red Sparrow' Revealed

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Recently we have seen a lot of films lately featuring female action heroes. Many have been looking forward to 'Red Sparrow' starring Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, and the critics have revealed their final reviews on the new movie. 

It's interesting to see that Red Sparrow is getting very mixed reviews by critics. Some reviewers don't seem to mind the movie, while others have been very negative towards it. 

As you can see on Rotten Tomatoes, the current critical rating for the film is at 63 percent. 49 total reviews have been collected so far with 31 positive reactions and 18 negative reactions (as of time of writing). 

The average score for the film is sitting at 6.0/10 meaning lots of reviewers have given it around 3/5 stars so far. You can read the full critical consensus of the film down below. 

"Red Sparrow's tense, character-driven story -- elevated by outstanding work from Jennifer Lawrence -- help this topical spy thriller overcome its somewhat uneven narrative.";

It will be interesting to see what the mainstream audience thinks of the movie. Recently, critics and audiences have not been on the same page with a lot of movies lately. 

Jennifer Lawrence's last movie called 'mother!' got decent reviews from critics, but was totally destroyed by the general audience. Average movie goers rated the film a very bad F grade on Cinemascore last year. 

Jennifer Lawrence used to be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but her recent films have not been big hits lately. That said, her career could be back on track once X-Men: Dark Phoenix releases this November. 

Anyway, Red Sparrow is out in North America on March 2nd, 2018. Are you going to still check out the movie despite the mixed reviews so far?

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