Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Review/Recap: Kale Goes Crazy In Broly Form

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Wow the 100th episode of Dragon Ball Super could be the best one yet. It's been over two years since the series started, but this might be my favorite one to date.

It was full of action and fun sequences that it went by so quickly. This is mainly because of the new characters that are able to achieve the Super Saiyan form. Namely, both Kale and Caulifa from Universe 6.

Before that happens though, Universe 7 is reminiscing the loss of Krillin. Android 18 is annoyed all that training equipment he had at home didn't help him in the tournament.

Most of them cannot believe he was so careless to let his guard down. The only person laughing at Krillin's elimination is Champa. He really wants to see Universe 7 get eliminated.

Vegeta has his hands full in this episode, although he doesn't do too much. He's still batting Magetta and Botamo, but Cabba comes too.

Vegeta is likely to be really busy for the duration of the tournament. Hit on the other hand has become a favorite of mine. He's so calm and collected when he eliminates the robot Nariama from the ring.

As we head elsewhere, some mean bullies are picking on Kale in her cowardly base form. Some red guy and a pink pig sumo wrestler are beating up on her.

She goes unconscious, and is thrown away. Thankfully, Caulifa grabs her to stop her from getting eliminated.

Caulifa pretty much turns into a Super Saiyan and beats these two guys easily.

She urges Kale to use her real power, but it doesn't seem as if she can tap into it yet. She's not motivated or angry enough to become in her Broly form just yet.

Seeking out new competition, Caulifa and Kale approach Goku.

Goku seems uninterested in fighting them at first because he doesn't think they are strong enough. Caulifa wants Goku to teach her to become Super Saiyan Blue, but he feels she's not ready yet.

Caulifa then turns into the bulky Super Saiyan form that Future Trunks used in the Perfect Cell saga. Her body is too heavy and Goku knows this.

He tells Caulifa that the form she really wants to change into is Super Saiyan 2.

Caulifa says she was Super Saiyan 2 once, but she forgot how to tap into it. Beerus is sick of the friendly banter and wants Goku to eliminate Caulifa already.

Caulifa manages to change into a Super Saiyan 2 and Goku is finally impressed. They agree to a one-on-fight and the two fight quite well.

It appears as if Caulifa is the female version of Goku. Both of them love to fight and commend others that are of equal strength to themselves. Goku says Caulifa could soon become a Super Saiyan 3!

Kale feels useless looking at the sidelines. She blasts a laser at Goku, but Goku tells her not to bother him and Caulifa. Goku calling Kale a "bother" makes her cry.

This is enough to make her angry at Goku and then she starts changing into her Broly form.

There is a reference to Broly since both of them hate Goku. However, Broly is still not officially "canon" so this is the first time the others have seen this form.

Vegeta says that Kale's transformation could be the Saiyan's true form. Everyone stops to stare at Kale as her energy is incredible.

Angry at Goku, Kale lunges for him and beats him up. Goku is no match for Kale in his Super Saiyan 2 form. Hit and Caulifa look on the sidelines at their teammate.

Even when Goku is a Super Saiyan Blue and does a Kamehameha wave, Kale doesn't feel a thing and can still attack Goku. There aren't that many characters that can withstand Goku's Kamehameha wave so this is very impressive.

However, Kale cannot control her power and she fires lots of laser blasts across the ring. She even eliminates someone this way.

A Pride Trooper tries his best to control Kale by using a Wonder Woman-like lasso. Well his effort doesn't work.

It looks like nobody can control Kale. Hit and Caulifa is a bit worried because Kale will get herself disqualified if she ends up killing someone. Kale's power is so strong, it catches the attention of Jiren.

Jiren steps in and manages to stop Kale's Broly form. He blasts her and she turns back into her base form.

Caulifa catches her and she and Hit retreat. It do like the fact that Hit cares for his Universe 6 teammates. He's more of a team player than Goku and Vegeta are right now!

Anyway, the episode ends when Goku comes creeping up. He stares at Jiren impressed with his power. I have to admit, Jiren's power is downright incredible.

He was able to stop Kale with ease while Goku couldn't stop her even using his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Goku might need to try something new to take down Jiren. As of this moment, Jiren should be able to beat Goku easily.

As I mentioned before, episode 100 of Dragon Ball Super could be my favorite one to date. Not only is Jiren and Kale's powers impressive, I admired Hit's actions in this episode too.

Next week, Universe 7 has to fight many of the other Pride Troopers. It will be interesting to see if anyone is a match for Jiren though. He seems too powerful for any other mortal.

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