Andi Mack Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Teen Pregnancy, Sexuality Shockers -- On Disney??

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The much anticipated new Disney series, "Andi Mack," certainly merited its own recap, especially given that this is Disney's foray into much more mature topics.

How, you might ask? This might be the first time that Disney will take on teenage sexuality and even teenage pregnancy. Read on for a recap and review of the first episode.

Andi is about to turn 13 and is excited to be riding a scooter around town.

Her friends Buffy and Cyrus are her major supports but her sister Bex is her greatest inspiration. We soon discover, however, that Andi's mother is none too thrilled to have Bex home.

That's because Bex is clearly a "free spirit" who rides a motorcycle and travels the world.

But it looks like she's ready to settle down and returns home to spend more time with Andi. She also announces that she's going to find a more permanent place to stay in the area.

It turns out that Bex has a number of secrets and seems to house all of them in a box that Andi's mother doesn't want Andi to see. Despite this, Bex begins to share her "secrets" from the box.

Soon enough, Bex winds up spilling the beans and we discover that she is in fact Andi's mother. Mayhem within the family ensues given that Andi begins to feel abandoned and questions her entire family structure.

She also comes clean to her now grandmother about having scooter and seems a lot more defiant. In this episode, we also see Andi asking questions about the identity of her father.

So how did Andi Mack measure up to other coming of age TV series like "Lizzy McGuire"? The premise of the show is interesting though this is clearly more of a drama than a comedy.

The teeanagers do overact their roles but then again, teenage angst is a bit dramatic. Despite some minor faults, Andi Mack definitely pulled us in.

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