'Unexpected' TLC Episode 1 Recap: Meet the Girls

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Tonight was the first episode of Unexpected on TLC. The show follows teens who are around 16 and pregnant -- just like MTV's Teen Mom.

'Unexpected' TLC: Lexus, 15

The first girl we meet is Lexus, 15, from Indiana. Her mom Kelsey also got pregnant at 15, and show she's trying to deal with Lexus' pregnancy.

We meet the baby daddy as they go to a doctor's appointment. His name is Shayden, and he's 17. They met when Lexus was 12, and he was 13... At this point, the two get along well, and they're remaining together.

Shayden seems a bit slow, and he's taking the whole thing as a joke.

Lexus insists that she's gonna get right back into sex after the baby is born. Apparently, Lexus was hooking up with Shayden when she was 13, and she lost her virginity to him.

The doctor tells Lexus that the best way to get the birth going is to have sex -- which Kelsey doesn't like.

While at a party, Kelsey gets a call from Lexus saying she needs to go to the ER. Kelsey is upset that Lexus is stealing her thunder with the whole baby thing. Meanwhile, on the way to the ER, Shayden is curled up in a ball rubbing up on Lexus.

'Unexpected' TLC: McKayla, 16

McKayla is in her junior year of high school and she's preparing for her prom, while pregnant. She lives with her grandmother, who is 60.

Her boyfriend's name is Caelan, who she has been dating "on and off" for 3 years. McKayla claims they both lost their virginity to each other.

McKayla's dad is dead, and her mom was into drugs -- so McKayla's grandparents raised her and her brother.

McKayla's grandfather reveals that he told her she didn't have to use birth control if she didn't want to, and then she ended up pregnant. He says she doesn't have a clue what she's gotten herself into.

We later meet Caelen, who is 18 now. His mom's name is Shelly, who is in her 30s. Caelen says he bought an engagement ring for McKayla, but she lost it. The baby's name is Carter Allen Eugene.

Shelly's all judgy about how McKayla's mom should be there to help her with her dress. She says "I don't have respect for people who don't take care of their kids." The irony seems lost on her.

Eventually, McKayla's mom Shannon shows up, and she's pregnant too. They're 4 weeks apart.

'Unexpected' TLC: Lilly, 16

Lilly is also 16, and her mom Kim is 44. Kim was a teen parent as well. Her fiance Glenn is 60 and he's more traditional.

Lilly's baby daddy is James, 17, who is her current boyfriend.

James and Lilly have been together for 9 months. They started having sex after about a month, and Lilly says that nobody ever told her that it was easy to get pregnant.

James' mom, Darlene, is 43, and she gets along well with Kim. Darlene had her first kid at 15. James' dad is not really in the picture.

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