NECA Will Soon No Longer Sell Godzilla Toys

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There is some sad news for toy collectors because NECA will no longer be able to sell Godzilla toys soon. This is because the license is transitioning over to a new manufacturer called Playmates.

NECA made an announcement about this on its official Twitter account. You can read their statement posted down below.

"Come mid-August, we will no longer be selling Godzilla merchandise. This will be your last opportunity to purchase NECA branded Godzilla product. Once there are gone, they are gone. All orders will be accepted in order on a first come, first serve basis, while stocks last."

This may come has disappointing news because NECA has been the go-to company when it comes to Godzilla toys being released in North America. All of their products are usually highly detailed and also affordable too.

Playmates on the other hand have revealed some images of their toys, and they're not as detailed as NECA's toys. Toho wanted more money for the franchise and went with Playmates instead of renewing NECA's license.

Godzilla vs Kong is the next big movie based on the franchise, and Playmates will release toys when the film is out next year. The film got delayed thanks to the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

If you want NECA Godzilla toys, you better collect as much as you need before your time runs out!

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