Early Box Office Tracking Revealed For Sony's Venom Movie

The early Box Office tracking for Sony's Venom movie has now been revealed and the film could break Gravity's October record.

This all depends if the movie ends up becoming a hit and isn't boring like Sony's other previous efforts with the Spider-Man franchise.

As reported by Deadline, industry insiders are predicting that Venom should have a Box Office opening weekend of around $60 to $70 million this October.

It's being said Sony is being very conservative with its tracking so the number could grow higher the closer we get to its October 5th, 2018 release date.

The only thing stopping Venom from being successful could be its overall quality.

Justice League was tracking to have an opening weekend above $110 million last year, but the real number came in at $93.8 million due to average word of mouth and poor reviews.

Sony's track record with the Spider-Man franchise has been hit and miss.

Spider-Man 3 had bad reviews when it came out in 2007 as people did not like Topher Grace's portrayal of the Venom character. Not to mention Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man movies were also met with average reviews.

There's a chance this year's Venom movie could see an improvement because main star Tom Hardy is an actual fan of the character.

Not to mention he looks more like the comic book version of Eddie Brock compared to the skinny physique of Topher Grace.

One positive thing about Venom right now is that it has millions of views on YouTube for the many trailers that have been released for it so far.

Current awareness for the film is good, but we'll have to wait until October 5th to see if the movie is worth the long wait.

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