'90 Day Fiance': The Tawdry Truth About Danielle and Mohamed's Relationship

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This season of "90 Day Fiance" has been filled with explosive truths about each couple's relationship. Alexei found out that Loren got a bachelorette party to actually get even with him about his own party, And Jorge found out that Anfisa meant it when she told him that she only wanted to be with him for his money.

Similarly, on the last episode of "90 Day Fiance," Danielle Mullins visited a lawyer about her plans to get an annulment to her marriage and revealed some interesting tidbits about the relationship. So what did she discuss? Read on find out.

Danielle went to go see a lawyer with her friend about whether she had grounds to file an annulment on her marriage. Why file for an annulment? An annulment would dissolve Danielle and Mohamed's marriage but also treat it as if it had never existed.

As a result, Mohamed would no longer have a basis on which to remain in the country.

There are several reasons to file for an annulment. Fraud or misrepresentation, concealment and lack of consent are all reasons to obtain an annulment.

In Danielle's case, she may have been trying to prove a case of fraud - with the idea being that Mohamed never actually intended to be married to her and was always just using her for a green card. However, an interesting twist to the story came out when Danielle revealed that she and Mohamed actually had consummated their marriage.

In response, the lawyer indicated that a lack of consummation in a relationship could be something that Danielle could have used to validate an annulment but it wasn't her only choice.

Unfortunately for Danielle, the lawyer also informed her that proving fraud was a difficult task.

Danielle came out of the meeting disappointed but still keen on accomplishing an annulment.

Will Danielle change her mind? Stay tuned for our upcoming recap of "90 Day Fiance."

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