The Emoji Movie Currently Has A Zero Percent Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

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Well it looks like we might have one of the worst reviewed movies of the Summer blockbuster season in recent history.

Sony Pictures' The Emoji Movie has been reviewed by many critics this week and it is getting hammered. The reviews are even worse than that of Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight.

By going onto the Rotten Tomatoes website, you can see that the current rating for the film is a very dismal zero percent! Granted, only 17 reviews have been collected as of time of writing, but this does not look good for the film going forward.

The average rating for The Emoji movie is a 1.9/10. This means lots of people gave it a one star rating.

Movie critic John Campea says the movie is very unfunny and lacks any of the heart that made Wreck-It-Ralph such a good movie.

He said he only mustered in a laugh only once in the entire film. Sir Patrick Stewart voices a character in the film, but his appearance is wasted.

The Los Angeles Times say that you should be doing other things with your 86 minutes.

You are better off talking to someone in real life or reading a book as watching this movie is not worth your time.

Screencrush said it more blunty calling the film "crappy" or just use its own poop emoji to describe it.

Due to the bad reviews, it's unlikely the audience will like it either. Even when the film was first announced, many people gave the trailers a thumbs down on YouTube when viewing the trailers.

The movie is out in North America this weekend, but it's unlikely going to have a standout opening. It's more than likely Dunkirk or Atomic Blonde get a bigger Box Office weekend.

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