Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Review/Recap: God Toppo vs SSB Vegeta

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In last week's episode of Dragon Ball Super, we witnessed Universe 11's Toppo becoming a God of Destruction. His ability allowed him to overwhelm Frieza and now his sights are set on Android 17.

For Frieza fans out there, don't worry too much because your favorite villain is not eliminated just yet. Toppo just throws his knocked out body away, although he falls on the rubble so he is still in the tournament.

Toppo has enough power to kill Frieza at this point, although he holds back since he would be disqualified. As powerful as Toppo has become, Android 17 is not backing away and is determined to fight back.

Since Android 17 has infinite energy, he does not run out of stamina although it looks like Toppo won't be getting tired anytime soon.

Android 17 thinks of a smart plan to shoot down lots of rubble to bury Toppo but that plan fails.

Toppo tries to shoot out a huge blast, but is thankfully stopped by Frieza who has miraculously woken up from his previous beat down. Android 17 is knocked away temporarily so now we have Toppo vs Frieza round 2.

Frieza gets off to a great start using a paralysis technique in order to make Toppo stationary. Well that plan fails because Toppo starts moving again and is on the warpath.

At this point of the episode, Android 17 and Frieza start both attacking Toppo but to no avail. Toppo is way too strong right now and their attacks aren't doing any harm.

As they are fighting, Jiren is still occupied with Vegeta and Goku. Their battle crosses over to the others and Jiren's blast hits Android 17 and Frieza.

It's safe to assume both Android 17 and Frieza are knocked out at the moment, although they are still in the tournament. Due to this, Jiren fights Goku on his own while Toppo handles Vegeta now.

There's still no name for Vegeta's new form, but his New Super Saiyan Blue transformation does not seem to deter Toppo whatsoever. Even Vegeta's Final Flash is not powerful enough to make a mark on God of Destruction Toppo!

While I was watching this episode, I assumed it would have been another scene where Vegeta looks like a jobber (loser) against Toppo.

There's been too many times in Dragon Ball history where Vegeta gets beaten so Goku has to come in and save the day.

Thankfully, the episode gets better because Vegeta has motivation to keep fighting on. He wants Universe 7 to stay alive so that Bulma, Trunks and Bulla are safe.

Not to mention he promised to revive Cabba so that the Saiyan race can live on in Universe 6.

Vegeta powers up and it's pretty cool to see him finally get the edge on Toppo as he delivers a lot of nasty punches.

Vegeta then goes for one last attack that makes Piccolo very nervous. It's the same self detonation technique he used to try and "kill" Majin Buu back in Dragon Ball Z.

I thought Vegeta was going to kill himself and Toppo because the blast he made was so huge. However, Vegeta actually manages to pull the move off and Toppo is eliminated from the tournament!

It's great to see Vegeta being useful and that he was able to defeat Toppo without the help of Goku. Vegeta actually survives the blast this time around thanks to his New Super Saiyan Blue form.

That said, Vegeta used up all of his energy and the only person left on Universe 11 is Jiren. Jiren promises to unleash a hidden power and things don't look good for the remaining members of Universe 7 at the moment.

It's up to Android 17, Vegeta and Goku to face Jiren.

The funny thing is that the episode did not tell us about the whereabouts of Frieza at the moment, so there's a chance he could win the tournament by hiding.

It would be funny and original if a villain had to save the day...

Anyway, episode 126 surprised me and featured a lot of great moments for Vegeta fans. Vegeta looked like a hero and he managed to eliminate the second strongest opponent in the tournament practically all by himself.

The second half of the episode was more exciting mainly because the first half was dedicated to just Toppo facing Frieza and Android 17.

There are only "four" more minutes left in the Tournament of Power so keep it locked here at Empty Lighthouse Magazine for more recaps/reviews of Dragon Ball Super in the weeks to come.

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